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Studying Information Technology in the International GCSE and IB programmes

In today’s digitally advanced society the need for more qualified computer scientists and engineers becomes especially defined and this motivates many of the students of Zlatarski International School to choose IT related programmes for their university studies – namely Computer Science, Software Development, Computer Systems and Technologies, Information Technology Services, Information Systems, Software Engineering. Information technologies are an important part of almost all aspects of modern life.

The course of Information Technology at Zlatarski International School of Sofia follows the international educational programs of Cambridge International and the International Baccalaureate. Thus, the School’s IT lessons are taught in English, the content is updated annually on an international level, the program includes practical exercises and theoretical knowledge, the textbooks are by Oxford and Cambridge and the exams are marked in the United Kingdom.

In today’s world IT is everywhere – we find facts on the Internet, we order food, store important information and memories on our computers, book a holiday, watch and upload videos, organize our schedule, apply for a university, look for a job and find friends online

Since 2011, Zlatarski International School has offered IGCSE ICT in 9th and 10th grade, and students can specialize in IT in the IB Diploma Program by studying IB IT in grades 11 and 12. This way students at Zlatarski International School of Sofia have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the field of IT, while following the high academic requirements of the international GCSE and IB programs and obtaining international IT certificates, which are highly valued by the world’s top universities.

International curriculum in IGCSE ICT in grades 9 and 10, and from 2018 the international pre-university programme International Baccalaureate IT in grade 11 and 12

The curriculum of the IGCSE ICT course is covered in grades 9 and 10 with some preparation starting in grade 8. The curriculum includes some theоretical concepts (computer systems and computer networks as well as many practical skills in using different programme technologies (databases, electronic tables, text formatting, media of communication). All students at Zlatarski School have the opportunity to develop solid knowledge in IT as well as kills for effective use of computer technologies for personal or professional use, regardless of the sphere of interests.

Students who choose to sit the international GCSE ICT exam at the end of grade 10, are examined in practical skills (60%) and theoretical concepts (40%). Exam materials are assessed in the UK and exams are administered by Cambridge International Examinations. The curriculum covers the following components: 1. Types and Components of Computer Systems; 2. Input and Output Devices; 3. Storage Devices and Media; 4. Computer Networks; 5. Data Type and Organisation; 6. The Effects of Using IT; 7. ICT Use in Everyday Life, ICT Use in the Workplace; 8. Systems Analysis and Design

The exam materials in IGCSE ICT are maked in the United Kingdom and examination sessions are administered by Cambridge

The curriculum of the IB IT course (Information Technology in a Global Society) is covered in grades 11 and 12  and the course studies and evaluates the impacts of information technology (IT) on individuals and society. It explores the advantages and disadvantages of the access and use of digitised information at the local and global level. The curriculum consists of three strands: 1: Social and ethical significance of IT – topics such as Security, privacy and anonymity, Intellectual property and authenticity, Surveillance, People and machines, Digital citizenship; 2: IT Applications to specific cases in Business and employment, Education and training, Environment, Health, Politics and government and 3: IT Systems – Hardware and software, Networks and internet, Personal and public communications, Multimedia/digital media, Databases, spreadsheets, modelling and simulations, Introduction to project management.

Students choose their High Level subjects according to their university plans. IB IT is highly regarded subject by the world’s most selective universities

Students who choose to acquire an International Baccalaureate certificate in Information Technology at the end of the 12th grade develop their own project on the practical application of an IT product in a particular sphere of life. The assessment is standardized – internal (20%) and external (80%). Exam materials are prepared by experts from the International Baccalaureate Organization. Students at the Zlatarski International School have the choice of high level subjects and this is one of the most important factors for their successful applications in some of the most selective universities. Almost any desired university programme has specific requirements for subjects studied at school. For programs such as Information Technology, Computer science and Programming, specialized subjects such as IT, Mathematics and Physics are a huge advantage, showing the motivation and the progress already made by the student. Every additional detail in the student’s profile, which proves their interest in the chosen field, is one step closer to dream-like universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, UCL, LSE and others.

Here are some of the students of Zlatarski International School of Sofia, who chose IT – related programmes at university:

Iva Mandeva, Class of 2014,

Computer Management, University College London

Peter Locker, Class of 2015,

Computer Science, University of York

Kristian Kalchev, Class of 2015,

Computer Science with Management, King’s College London

Peter Petrov, Class of 2017,

Media and Game Design, Hanze University, the Netherlands

Philip Nasser, Class of 2013,

Computer Science and Mathematics, University of Bath

Luka Lozovich, Class of 2017,

Information Systems, AUBG

Emiliya Ivanova, Class of 2015,

Computer Science, University of Surrey

Alexander Georgiev, Class of 2017,

Artificial Intelligence, University of Tilburg

Stolen Zlatkov, Class of 2010,

Computer Science with German, University of Bath

Rumiana Romanova, Class of 2012,

ICT and Business, Fontys University

Maria Brestenska, Class of 2017,

Information Technology, NBU

Alexander Grozdanov, Class of 2017,

Law and IT, NBU