School Profile

Zlatarski International School of Sofia Profile: Facts and Stats
School Founded: 1995
Authorisation by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, English Language School 1995
Authorisation by the International Baccalaureate Organisation, IB World School 2003
Authorisation by Cambridge Assessment International Education 2010
Accreditation: Zlatarski International School is authorised by the Ministry of Education, Bulgaria and it is the first institution in Bulgaria, authorised by International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).
Diplomas and Certificates:
Cambridge Secondary, Cambridge IGCSE, IB, Bulgarian Diploma
Maximum students 300 students
Student Ages 11-18 years
Percentage Students from Bulgaria 90%
Percentage International Students 10%
Average Class Size 16 students
Students at Zlatarski International School come from Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Hungary, India, Israel, Russia, the United Kingdom, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, the United States, Georgia, Korea, Syria, China.
Students/Teachers Ratio: 5 : 1
Percentage of Students Accepted at Universities 100%
Percentage of Students Receiving IB Diplomas or Certificates 98%
School Record Result International Baccalaureate Diploma 44 (out of 45) points
School Record Result SAT I 2370 (out of 2400) points
School Record Result SAT II Mathematics 800 (out of 800) points
School Record Result SAT II Physics 790 (out of 800) points
Teachers, staff and school premises
Number of Teachers 47 teachers
Number of School Staff 20 staff
The teachers at Zlatarski International School are people with experience and numerous qualifications. Our teachers come from Bulgaria, the United Kingdom and the United States. The School regularly sends teachers for further specializations: Riga (2002), Gdansk (2003), Geneva (2004), Bratislava (2005), Athens (2006, 2007), Istanbul (2008), Oxford (2010), Barcelona (2011), Rome (2011), London (2016).
School Campus:
purpose built large class rooms
science laboratory
computer lab
fast Internet connection (broadband, Wi-fi)
administrative offices
sports hall
basketball field
volleyball field
football field
24 hour security and limited access to the school campus
Additional services available to students at Zlatarski International School
Bulgarian for Foreigners
Preparation for English language tests
Oxbridge and Medical school preparation
Universities and College Counselling
Excursions and Summer Programmes
Language Programmes Abroad
Extracurricular activities: Extracurricular activities are open to all students from all classes and are free for all students. Different sports, school clubs and arts are organised Monday to Friday. Students choose two extracurricular activities according to their interests.
School Transport:
Students using  School Transport 20-30%
Buses to the School (public transport) 69, 70, 88, 123, 280, 294, 413
Minibuses to the School 5, 27, 29