We welcome children of all nationalities at Zlatarski International School of Sofia. The school is selective and entry is based on student exam results, past grades and interview performance. The application process, examinations and interviews with candidates can be conducted online.

Applications from students aged 11 – 18 years (grades 5-12) are now OPEN for September 2024.

5 - 7 gradeInternational Program: Cambridge Secondary (integrated with the national program)
Admission of students aged 11-13 years old
8 gradeInternational Program: Cambridge Secondary Pre-IGCSE (integrated with the national program)
Admission of students aged 13-14 years old
9 - 10 gradeInternational Program: Cambridge IGCSE (integrated with the national program)
Admission of students aged 14-16 years old
11 - 12 gradeInternational Baccalaureate Diploma Program (integrated with the national program)
Admission of students aged 16-18 years old

Choosing a School?
When making the important decision of which school to choose for your children, try to answer the following questions:
Is there enthusiasm among students and teachers?
Does the school have a strong academic background?
Are students attentive in classrooms?
Are there adequate facilities for technology, the library, and science?
Does the school place an emphasis on extracurricular activities that are interesting and challenging?
Is the campus safe?
Where do graduates continue their university education?
Are the premises well-maintained?
Is there a caring environment?
How many students are attending the school?
Does the school share my values?
How much freedom do students have at each grade level?
Does the school encourage parent involvement and clearly outline what is expected of parents?

Applications from students coming from international schools or other schools outside Bulgaria are reviewed on a rolling, case-by-case basis. Interested students and their parents should get in contact with us at in advance in order to ensure all conditions and requirements are met prior to their arrival in Sofia.

We are particularly encouraging applications from students who:
– are currently attending International Schools abroad
– are following any of the these programmes: English national curriculum, International Baccalaureate (PYP, MYP, DP), GCSE, IGCSE, A levels, AP
– are internationally minded, mobile citizens
– are interested in studying in an international environment in Sofia, combining the richness of international experience with Bulgarian culture

Requirements for Admission
– Very good academic performance as testified by the student’s academic transcripts from previous school/s attended
– Demonstrated English language proficiency

Entry tests
Applicants may be required to sit tests in English and Mathematics prior to admission to Zlatarski International School of Sofia in order for the school to establish the particular needs of such students.

Your questions are important to us and we encourage you to contact us as early as possible to ensure the smooth transitioning of your child to their new school.

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