In the spotlight: In the classrooms of grades 11-12

Grade 11: English Some of the exercises concentrate on producing texts of different genres – be it academic, creative, essay, report, brochure. Being able to write for any purpose is one of the most important skills one has to develop in order to master a language perfectly.

Grade 11: TOK Students explore the connection between different areas of knowledge, such as mathematics, social and natural sciences, ethics, philosophy, art, etc. Students do presentations and write essays on different real world situations and problems – clarifying how far are they true, how can we justify their validity and what knowledge can we obtain in the process.

Grade 12: Economics: Understanding how the world of finance and trade work is a valuable skill in life. Students learn how money and markets behave, how global economies and leaders base their decisions on data and how to predict the world future by carefully examining real life scenarios.

Grade 12: IB Viva Voce: This year our IB students presented their 4000-word Extended Essays online to their classmates, teachers as well as students from Grades 10 and 11. The Extended Essays are well-researched extensive projects on a topic, chosen by the students and are essential to Zlatarski’s successful IB programme.