School organisation


School Schedule Schooling at Zlatarski International School of Sofia starts at 8.00am and ends at 2.10pm – Monday to Friday. After regular lessons between 2.15pm and 3.00pm students can participate in various school projects, take part in extracurricular clubs and sport activities. This schedule is designed to allow students enough time for self-study after school. The school year is divided into two terms, each of which ends with grades in every subject. Assessment is based on oral presentations, written examinations, homework, independent assignments, class work and term tests. The school offers further help in the form of teacher consultations to students in need. School holidays take place according to the schedule of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education.

Direct contact with parents The cooperation between parents and teachers, the concern for the individual progress of every student, the relaxed and encouraging atmosphere of the school community contribute largely to the effective functioning of the school. Periodically, the school sends out to parents academic progress checks for the individual work of their children. Four parents evenings take place throughout the academic year. The school contacts immediately the parents in the case of a student’s absence from school. Parents are welcome guests and participants in all school activities and actively cooperate in shaping the school policy.

Insurance and Medical Care Students have accident insurance. The school building and campus are secured at all times. The medical condition of the students is under the supervision of a school paediatrician.

School transport The school operates a number of school buses, which take students to and back from school as well as to and back from sites for extracurricular activities. The minibuses follow routes, devised according to the students’ addresses.