Top IB Students

This is a list of the top students at Zlatarski International School of Sofia, who have achieved the highest results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. As the first and most experienced IB school in Bulgaria, Zlatarski International School of Sofia is very proud to have such a long tradition of excellent results. Students are ranked according to their IB Diploma result. Results of 34 points and above are considered excellent by top universities in the world. Results of 38 points and above are only achieved by 10% of students around the world and results of 40 and above points are achievable by only 5% of students. The table below also includes information on the students’ results and choice of university and programme of studies.

Name Result University Course
D., Ivan 44 St Andrews University Economics
T., Kalina 43 Princeton University Molecular Biology
M., Iva 43 University College London Computer Management
F., Anna 42 King’s College London Law
N., Evgenia 42 King’s College London Film Studies
R., Loryn 42 King’s College London International Politics
N., Gergana 42 Royal Holloway London Media Arts
M., Boyan 41 University of Southampton Civil Engineering
N., Gergana 41 University of Edinburgh Architecture
K., Petar 41 University College London Liberal Arts and Science
H., Vasilena 41 Glasgow University Law
S., Nikolay 41 St Andrews University Economics and Management
A., Georgi 41 City University London Investment & Financial Management
Ch., Ivsan 40 Sofia University Medicine
C., Stefan 40 University College London Biotechnologies
A., Antoaneta 40 Open University Social sciences
V., Karla 40 Amsterdam Fashion Institute Fashion Management
H., Gabriela 40 Queen Mary London Law
D., Boyan 40 University of Southampton Accounting and Finance
M., Elitsa 40 London School of Economics Finance and Accounting
I., Kristiyan 40 Oxford University Physics
K., Nora 40 Kings College London Business Management
V., Mariya 40 California Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering
A., Iva 40 Aston University International Business and German
M., Lubomir 40 Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Philosophy
Z., Viktoria 39 Durham University Law
S., Peter 39 University of Manchester Computer Science
S., Maria 39 University of Bath Psychology
G., Maria 39 Sciences Po International Relations
A., Alexandra 39 Exeter University Psychology
V., Nadejda 39 Warwick University Politics and Sociology
B., Ivon 39 Vienna University Business Law
D., Lyubomira 39 University of Glasgow Modern Languages
K., Kristin 38 University of Bath Psychology
D., Zlatina 38 London School of Economics Accounting and Finance
I., Vassil 38 AUBG Political Science
K., Elena-Avrora 38 University of Southampton Social Science
S., Milka 38 Exeter University Management with marketing
P., Yana 38 City University London Business Finance
A., Vladislava 38 University College London (UCL) Economics with European Studies
D., Teodor 38 Manchester University Economics and Finance
B., Kiril 38 Manchester University International Finance & Economics
Z., Hristina 38 Syracuse University English Literature
H., Albena 37 Cass Business School Finance
S., Michelle 37 Queen Mary London English and European Law
D., Niya 37 University of St Andrews International Relations
I., Maria 37 Humanitas University Milano Medicine
B., Plamen 37 University of Surrey Accounting and Finance
M., Mihaela 37 Augsburg University Law and Economics
K., Kiril 37 Loughborough University Engineering
K., Vesela 37 Kings College London International Relations
V., Danail 37 University of Southampton Economics
Z., Stoyan 37 Bath University BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance
P., Radina 37 Aston University Marketing
P., Simeon 37 Sofia University Law
P., Christina 36 University of St Andrews Economics and Finance
S., Hristo 36 Tilburg University International Law
P., Jaqueline 36 Breda University Media
D., Nikolay 36 City University London Investment & Financial Management
Z., Nikoleta 36 American University Bulgaria Politics and International Relations
S., Sofia 36 University College London Biochemistry and Engineering
I., Alexander 36 Southampton University Accounting and Finance
R., Rumyana 36 Fontys University ICT and Business
M., Ekaterina 36 St Andrews University Sustainable Development
M., Martin 36 Exeter University Business Economics
T., Emma 36 Southampton University Management
C., Yoana 36 University of the Arts London Interior Design
P., Kameliya 36 Manchester University Business Management
V.a, Denitsa 36 American University Bulgaria International Business
K., Angel 36 University of Freiburg Law
Z., Nevena 36 De Haagse Hogeschool Marketing
M., Maia 36 University of Malta Law
S., Dominic 35 Zagreb University Chemistry
B., Konstantin 35 University of Sussex Genetics
Julia G. 35 John Cabott University International Relations
H., Nikolay 35 Royal Holloway London Economics, Politics and International Relations
V., Teodora 35 Oxford Brooks Architecture
N., Philip 35 University of Bath Computer Science and Mathematics
T., Peter 35 Southampton University Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering
S., Mariya 35 Queen Mary, University of London Law
T., Neda 35 Erasmus University Rotterdam Accounting and Finance
M., Borislav 35 University of Groningen International Business
H., Gergana 35 UNSS International Economic Relations
Olga G. 35 Royal Holloway London Media Arts
K., Desislava 34 Queen Mary, University of London Law
D., Kiril 34 University of East Anglia Biomedical Sciences
G. Valentin 34 University of Southampton Economics and Management
K., Hilda 34 International School of Management International Business
S., Simona 34 University of Bath Accounting and Finance
D., Mina 34 American University Bulgaria Media and Communications
Maxim R. 34 Queen Mary, University of London History
Christopher K. 34 Westminster University Business Management
Maria T. 34 Sheffield University Architecture
Tatevik J. 34 Aston University International Business
Joana B. 34 University of Strathclyde Business Management
Gergana M. 34 University of Glasgow Business Management
Boyana S. 34 Erasmus University Rotterdam Business Administration
Mila D. 34 Franklin College Finance
Ivan G. 34 Aston University International Business
Andrey H. 34 VIA University College Denmark Engineering
Liana H. 34 University of Vienna Law

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