IB Results

Excellent results for Zlatarski School students in the International Baccalaureate exams 

With their excellent results, our students continue their education in the following universities: Oxford University, Warwick University, Kings College London, City University: CASS Business School London, Durham University, Imperial College London, Queen Mary University, University of York, Exeter University, Essex University, Sussex University, University of Manchester, University of Bath, University of Westminster, Royal Holloway London, University of Kent, University of the Arts, Portsmouth University and more.

Top results of our students
Top 50 International Baccalaureate students

Results in 2013:
2013: 82 excellent marks in the International Baccalaureate (IB) at Zlatarski School
2013: Top 50 International Baccalaureate students: 2005-2013

Results in 2012:
2012: Results International Baccalaureate 2012 
2012: Traditionally high International Baccalaureate diplomas at Zlatarski International School

Results in 2011:
2011: Record: 44 IB points for Ivan Damgov! Exams session of the International Baccalaureate
2011: Record: Outstanding performance in the IB exams 

Results in 2010:
2010: International Baccalaureate 2010

Results in 2009:
2009: International Baccalaureate: 2009 

Results in 2008:
2008: International Baccalaureate 2008

Results in 2007:
2007: International Baccalaureate 2007

Results in 2006:
2006: International Baccalaureate 2006

Results in 2005:
2005: International Baccalaureate 2005