Zlatarski International School of Sofia offers your child an international curriculum, combined with the respected English National Curriculum and our own contemporary approach to teaching. Our students grow up to be intellectually confident, but also open-minded and globally aware. The school is fully authorised by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) and Cambridge Assessment: International Education.

The School is unique in Bulgaria as it integrates the Bulgarian educational system with the international curriculum of the International Baccalaureate and the British programmes – IGCSE and A Levels. The school educates its students according to international standards integrated in the curriculum of an English language school – the programmes Cambridge Secondary (5-8 grade), IGCSE (9 and 10 grade), International Baccalaureate/A Levels (11 and 12 grade). Graduates of Zlatarski International School receive two diplomas: the Bulgarian Diploma and the international – IB or A Levels.

The Curriculum at Zlatarski International School of Sofia is split into segments. English is the main language of instruction. We offer students the best of international education traditions, as well as the benefits of access to the rich culture and heritage of Bulgaria.

Secondary school education – 11-18 year olds

Zlatarski School is an international English language school. The curriculum at the school is organised in three stages: lower secondary 5-8 grades, middle secondary 9-10 grades and upper school 11-12 grades.

Cambridge Secondary: In Grades 5-8, learning is adapted to suit our international community through the Cambridge Secondary programme. Children make meaningful connections between the curriculum and the real world by exploring themes and topics from multiple perspectives.

Cambridge IGCSE: In Grades 9-10 students work towards the International General Certificate in Secondary Education examinations, or iGCSEs.

International Baccalaureate: In Grades 11-12 students progress to the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme.

8 grade
Students in grade 8 study English language 18 hours weekly (Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper intermediate level). Language practice materials are used (Elementary, Intermediate, First Certificate, Advanced). Once enrolled, students sit an English entry exam, to determine their level of knowledge, and finish the academic year with an English final exam. The second foreign language education starts in grade 8. Students study the following subjects: English, Bulgarian language and literature, second foreign language (German or Spanish), Latin, Mathematics, Information Technologies, Arts, Music and Sports. Despite the enhanced academic pursuit in English language, Zlatarski students in grade 8 study Science, Social Science and Mathematical Studies in the Pre-IGCSE  programme. The Pre-IGCSE at Zlatarski International School is an excellent opportunity for pupils with English academic background. Native speakers take part in the programme. The preliminary year is a successful preparation for the education in IGCSE (grade 9 and 10).

9 and 10 grade
Students in grade 9 and 10 are taught English 6 hours weekly with Gold First Certificate and Gold Advanced, as well as Cambridge text books. The subjects taught in grade 9 and 10 are: English language and literature, Bulgarian language and literature, second foreign language (German or Spanish), Latin, Mathematics, History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Ethics and Law, Information Technologies, Arts, Music and Sports. Integrated in the course of studies is the IGCSE programme, which serves as excellent preparation for the International Baccalaureate and A Levels in grade 11 and 12. At the end of grade 10 students may wish to sit international exams (Cambridge) in the following subjects:  English, Mathematics, History, Biology and Physics.

11 and 12 grade
The curriculum in grade 11 and 12 is aimed to prepare students for university education, by choosing specialized subjects. The successful completion of Zlatarski School is prerequisite of high academic achievements and motivation, developed study skills and personal qualities. Our students in grades 11 and 12 can choose three academic pathways – depending on their university plans. In addition to the Bulgarian diploma, our students can achieve either an International Baccalaureate, or A Levels diploma. By choosing their subjects, Zlatarski students in the IB programme have the opportunity to pick out 6 of the following subjects: Bulgarian A1, English A1/A2, History, Economics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, German and Spanish. Three of the subjects are taught in higher level, and the other three – in standard level. The academic programme is complemented by an Extended Essay, the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Creativity, Action, Service (CAS). In order to complete their diploma, students sit International Baccalaureate exams in each subject at the end of grade 12.

Students at Zlatarski International School of Sofia have numerous opportunities to excel through academic performance in the classroom, by taking part in the numerous extra curricular activities throughout the school year or by participating in our international exchange programmes.