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5 things you need to know about the interview at Zlatarski International School

The interview with the admission committee is a very important moment for students and their parents. The students who have successfully passed the admissions exams would be invited to an interview. Here are the five most important things you need to know about the interview at Zlatarski International School.

  1. The aim of the interview

The aim of this meeting is for you to give it your best, to give the members of the committee the chance to know you and to show yourself and your parents that you are steady on your way to your high-school education. The interview meeting at Zlatarski International School is not an exam but it is of crucial importance for us to see that you know where you are headed to, who we are and what education you will receive at this school. This is why preparation starts at home. Go through the materials you received at the Open Day. Visit our website and our Facebook page. Speak to our current students or graduates. The questions we are about to ask you are specific and good answers require you to be familiar with our values, our mission and what and how we study here.

  1. The meeting

The conversation will be between the admission committee and the students, but the information will be important for the parents, as well. Several students and their parents take part in the meeting. We start by giving everybody the opportunity to introduce themselves – what school do you come from? Which are your strongest subjects at school? What languages do you study? Don’t forget that we already have your academic results, your results from your school and your admission exam results. Use the interview as an opportunity to show a side to your personality that cannot be noticed through written exams and end-of-term results.

  1. International education at Zlatarski School

Among the questions we usually ask, there are those concerning international education. It is the basis of the life and mission of Zlatarski International School. Expect questions like: What international programmes do we teach? What is the IGCSE, what is the International Baccalaureate? What does it mean to be citizens of the world?

  1. Your perspective

Here are some questions we will most probably ask during the interview at Zlatarski International School: How do you imagine the next 5 years with us? And what do you imagine afterwards? What are your interests and dream? What would you like to study at university and what is your dream job? What do you do in your free time (Creativity, Action, Service)? Our common goal is for you to fulfil your dream and we are here to help you get there.

  1. What you should wear

We all know how important first impressions are when you meet someone. That is why you should leave the ripped jeans, slogan t-shirts, shorts, and miniskirts at home. Since this is a meeting with the admission committee, we expect you to be appropriately dressed (a shirt, a formal blouse, long pants or a skirt of appropriate length). We don’t expect you to wear a black tie but you can use your clothing to demonstrate your respect towards the status of the elite school you are applying to. Don’t forget to be in school on time!

We are eagerly looking forward to meeting you! See you soon!