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In the Spotlight: In the classrooms of grades 8-10

Grade 8: English Grade 8 at Zlatarski International School is notable for its extensive Cambridge Checkpoint English classes, spanning over topics like science, history and other disciplines. One of the greatest ways for students to improve and practice their spoken English is by speaking publicly about different topics. Their presentations contain many challenging language structures, as well as provide interesting and colorful content every time.

Grade 9 History: Lessons focus on the format of the IGCSE History exams. The material centres on exploring and evaluating actual historical sources, depicting key events in modern history. One of the most interesting types of sources are the cartoons. They often convey messages that may lead to more thorough understanding on a given problem.

Grade 10 Maths: Students take two mathematics exams in grade 10 – the Bulgarian NVO and the IGCSE exam. The material might be challenging, but interactive applications make it much more understandable. Even important difficult topics, like transformations, can become fun and easy to master.