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IB Results 2019: 80 excellent marks for Zlatarski International School students

51 students from Zlatarski International School sat the exam session to acquire International Baccalaureate diplomas and certificates in 2019. This is the largest IB class in Bulgaria. This year we received 80 excellent grades as the students defended their knowledge of Bulgarian language and literature, English language and literature, history, economics, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, German and Spanish, and theory of knowledge. For yet another year IB results at Zlatarski International School are comparable to the results of the best international schools in the world. We educate our students in first-class international programs such as Cambridge Secondary, IGCSE and International Baccalaureate, and this is what makes their preparation for prestigious English-speaking universities possible here in Bulgaria.

Top International Baccalaureate scores of Class 2019: This year our students have the highest scores in English, with 74% of students achieving excellent grades in their IB English exams – 20% of students received a maximum of 7 and 54% – an excellent 6. Assessment over 5 in IB English is accepted by universities as equivalent to successful IELTS or TOEFL. The highest scores 7 (max 7) in IB English were received by Denitsa Rajchkova, Kristian Stoyanov, Merian Ivanova, Dimitar Savov, Dennis Mitkov, Samuil Stoykov, Georgi Kommerzhanov and Maxim Simeonov. In IB Bulgarian top results 7 (out of 7) reached Denitsa Raichkova, Raya Totzeva, Dimitar Savov, Kalina Deleva, Kaloyan Rusev and Merian Ivanova. In IB Physics Anton Marinski and Joanna Negovanska have scored 7 (out of 7) and Denitsa Raichkova has an excellent score in IB Biology. The best in IB Mathematics was presented by Kaloyan Rusev and Yang Angelov. In IB History, Denitsa Raichkova and Merian Ivanova were awarded excellent marks, while on the IB Economics the best results belong to Anton Marinski and Kaloyan Rusev. In IB German maximum results 7 (out of 7) were won by Joanna Negovanska, Kalina Deleva and Kaloyan Rusev and IB Spanish the highest marks are by Kostyan Stoyanov and Dimitar Savov. The strongest diploma Extended Essays were awarded to Yoana Negovanska, Kaloyan Rusev, Yan Angelov, Merian Ivanova, Dimitar Savov, Marina Sabeva, Ralitsa Atanasova, Kalina Deleva.

Nearly 150,000 students from over 136 countries have completed the International Baccalaureate program this year. The IB experience is priceless, teaching our students the ability to understand and be successful in a global society and helping them to be accepted in some of the most prestigious universities.

International Baccalaureate Diploma 2019 Top Students: We congratulate all students who have achieved six or seven (max 7) at international IB exams, as such success is highly valued by top universities around the world as it ensures students’ ability to be succeed in international education. This year the highest score in the IB Diplomas was achieved by Denitsa Rajchkova (38 points), Yoanna Negovanska (37 points), Merian Ivanova (37 points), Dimitar Savov (37 points), Kaloyan Rusev (37 points), Kristian Stoyanov (35 points), Anton Marinski (35 points). Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Harvard and Stanford require scores of around 38-40 points in the IB Diploma. Universities such as Warwick, University College London, King’s College, Queen Mary, City, and Durham usually require more than 36 points. Depending on the chosen specialty, universities such as Essex, Sussex, Exeter, Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham, Westminster, Brunel and Kent expect an IB diploma with a score of 30 and 35 points. Zlatarski International School is the first authorized school of the International Baccalaureate Organization in Bulgaria and it has been teaching the IB Diploma Programme since 2003. With their successful IB results, our students continued their studies at prestigious universities including Princeton (USA), Oxford (UK), Caltech (USA), St Andrews, LSE, King’s College, UCL, Warwick (NL), Bocconi (Italy) and many others.