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Honourable Presentation at Model United Nations in Bucharest, 2024

Our talented IB students from Zlatarski International School admirably represented Bulgaria at one of the most prestigious Model United Nations conferences in Europe, FDRMUN, in February, 2024.

Model United Nations is forum where students represent the perspectives of countries or, on some of our smaller committees, historical individuals, cities, publications, and other entities. Based on the committee placement, students will then discuss and try to resolve issues ranging from security to economics to education.

Over the course of five days, Alexander Hristov, Elayah Roth, Silvi Koleva, Sevay Atakan, Yoanna Ilieva, Ivan Mihaylov, and Boris Kostadinov engaged in vibrant debates on contemporary political issues alongside fellow IB students.

From crafting resolutions addressing the covert deployment of weapons of mass destruction in disputed territories to exploring diverse responses to the 1956 Suez Crisis, they immersed themselves in simulating the roles of various countries throughout history and in the modern day.

Demonstrating resilience, patience, and unwavering dedication, our students showcased the strength of our team as an international delegation.

The invaluable connections forged and experiences gained during this conference will undoubtedly serve our students well in all their future endeavors.

We couldn’t be prouder of their achievements!

Silvi Koleva achieved one of the most prestigious awards in debate as she won the “Golden Gavel” first place medal at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Model United
Nations (FDRMUN) hosted in Bucharest, Romania, an international debate conference hailed as one of the most competitive conferences for IB students in

As a representative of Mauritania in the Special Political and Decolonization Fourth Committee (SPECPOL), Silvi not only spent countless hours writing 2
distinct position papers on monetary sovereignty and economic development particularly examining the CFA Franc and the political landscape in Niger, but
she then brilliantly defended the interests of her country as she was constantly hailed as the best public orator in her committee, presenting solutions to a wide
range of complex diplomatic issues. 

Silvi debated resolution after resolution related to political justice in the economic policy of West African countries and she excelled in keeping her composure
throughout the conference, remaining determined, unwavering and passionate in her work. As she continues steadfastly on her journey to completing her IB Diploma at Zlatarski and then going on to study international relations, this accomplishment marks just the beginning of Silvi’s promising future following her passion for writing and debate. 
Congratulations, Silvi – we are immensely proud of you!