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Students from the drama club are rehearsing for ‘Zlatarski’s Got Talent’

Our students from the Drama club at Zlatarski International School, under the leadership of the actor Dimo Alexiev, are rehearsing their annual performance, part of the annual format ‘Zlatarski’s Got Talent’. We are lucky to have a long-standing tradition in supporting talented and motivated students. Among our alumni, to choose the field of theatre, cinema and television are the actor Martin Gyaurov, nominated for an Askeer award, the actress Teodora Kuleva (‘Stolen Life’ – TV series), Andrea Vlatchkova, actress, vlogger (‘Na Kafe’ – Nova Television), Marieta Melrose (LA), the director Vladimir Petev (‘Dog’), the director Stefan Chernev (‘Piece of the Rainbow’), awarded the Golden Rose for Best movie, the journalist Eva Kostova (Nova TV), the sports journalist Ivan Boyanov (BTV) and many others.