Humanities Conference with Guest Lecturer Mr Yavor Siderov

A traditional part of the Humanities Conference at Zlatarski International School is the visit by guest-lecturers, distinguished professionals in the field of History, Economics, Philosophy, etc. This year, our guest lecturer was Mr. Yavor Siderov, Modern History and International Relations alumni from the universities of Sydney, Berkley, and Oxford, lecturer at the universities of Western Australia, California-Berkley, and American Univerisity in Bulgaria, journalist for the BNR and BBC– London, counselor at the political cabinets of two deputy prime-ministers on the subjects of migration, anti-corruption, and EU Council Presidency. Mr. Siderov led a heated debate in Grade 12 IB on interpretations of the beginning of the Cold War. Furthermore, he included Grades 9-12 in an intriguing lecture, where they discussed the New World Order.