School attendance days in May 2016 at Zlatarski International School

Regarding the schedule announced by the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria regarding days off during the month of May and regarding document №RD 09-585/03.05.2016, the school attendance and no school days at Zlatarski International School will be as follows:

14 May 2016 will be a regular school day with the schedule for 23 May.
18 May 2016 – regular school day as no National State exams will be held at the School.
19 May 2016 – regular school day with regards to the International examinations taking place at the school and the lesson requirements for the International GCSE and IB programmes.
20 May 2016 – the National State exam will be held at the School. No school day for students grade 8-10.  Regular day for students grade 11.
23, 24 May – No school days. National holidays.
25 May (Wednesday) – classes will take place with the regular schedule for Wednesday. The day will be devoted to activities relating to the National day of Slavic Literature and Culture.