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Zlatarski International School student admitted at Princeton University

princeton-university-buildingKalina Tsolova, student from 12 International Baccalaureate class at Zlatarski International School has been admitted to Princeton University, one of the most selective universities in the US. Already in grade 10 Kalina achieved record results in the International GCSE exams at Zlatarski School in Mathematics, Biology and English – А*, А*, А* – achievable by only 7% of the students in the world. In the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme she studies at High levels Biology, Chemistry, English and Literature, together with Mathematics and Economics. Besides her brilliant results in school, Kalina achieved exceptional results in the SAT Reasoning Test (2300 out of 2400) and the SAT Subject Test in Chemistry (770 out of 800) and biology (760 out of 800).

Kalina Tsolova‘I am trully happy. All the hard work seems to have paid off!’, said Kalina. ‘Besides my academic achievements, my application was supported by the many practical laboratory experiments we did in Biology and Chemistry at school, the numerous extracurricular activities I took part in and the summer internships I undertook.’ Thanks to the rigorous preparation at school and her teachers’ recommendation, Kalina was admitted to study Pharmacology also at  University College London, King’s College London, Cardiff University и University of Southampton.

Besides the successful university applications at  prestigeous universities in the United Kingdom, more IB students at Zlatarski International School achieve admission to top Ivy league American universities. Kalina Tsolova followed the steps of Maria Vassileva, who continued her education at California Institute of Technology, studying Engineering. In her SAT results Kalina follows the achievements of Kristian Ivanov, who achieved 2370 points and was admitted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT, but he chose to study Physics at Oxford University.

Zlatarski International School is the most experienced International Baccalaureate school in Bulgaria and has the highest IB results in the country. More than 14 years students study towards the IB Diploma Programme at the school and more then 300 students have already successfully received their IB diplomas and IB certificates. The achievements of the school are the result of high quality education delivered in the international programmes, the motivation of students, and the qualified teachers. Thanks to their high results and the fact that in addition to their international diploma, students simultaneously work towards a Bulgarian diploma, the school has achieved a high reputation among university admission committees at some of the most selective universities in the world.

‘I worked very hard during my studies at Zlatarski School. I realised that a person should not be forced to study. If someone really wishes to succeed, he should understand the material and love it. A person should focus on the subjects she is good at and to work on them in depth’, Kalina concluded.

Student Profile:
Name: Kalina Tsolova
Class: 2016
University: Princeton University, USA
Diplomas: International Baccalaureate Diploma and Bulgarian Diploma
International GCSE: Mathematics A*, English A*, Biology A*
International Baccalaureate: 43 points
Bulgarian Diploma: to be announced
State Exam: Bulgarian: to be announced
State Exam: English: to be announced
SAT Reasoning Test – 2300 (2400)
Mathematics 800 (800)
Critical Reading 750 (800)
Writing 750 (800)

SAT II Subject Test:
Chemistry 770 (800)
Biology 760 (800)