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In focus: in the classrooms of Grades 5-7

In the Spotlight @ Zlatarski International School

In uncertain times, quality education is vital. Zlatarski International School is developing its innovative and engaging curriculum online, thanks to a flexible virtual distance learning platform. Students attend the same number of virtual classes each day as they would on site at school. Learning resources, homework, tests and presentations fill our classrooms. Students have daily contact with their teachers and classmates. We walked around the virtual classrooms of our students in grades 5-7 and here are some of their projects.

Grade 5: History How did the ancient Thracians live? What were their lives like?  History classes in grade 5 present all of the amazing aspects of life in Ancient Thrace – from art and crafts to traditions and rituals, through interesting visuals, pictures of authentic items and virtual walks into what remains today of their amazing world.

Grade 6: Science How do our hands move? Grade 6 students understand this by doing a science project on… creating an artificial hand out of paper and strings. Science classes give us an insight on how things we never seem to think about work, and discovering this by doing creative and fun activities always makes the learning process more enjoyable and effective.

6 Grade: Science: Zlatarski International School

Grade 7: Bulgarian Language and Literature Bulgarian Language and Literature is one of the most important subjects throughout the whole course of education. Grade 7 students do many exercises to master the language, as well as write a lot of texts to learn how to express their ideas clearly. They take an exam at the end of the school year. Bulgarian lessons encourage students to take care in understanding every important concept of the subject by giving a lot of exercise to practice every day.

7 Grade: Literature: Zlatarski International School

Grade 7: Math and Geometry: Grade 7 is one of the most important years for mathematics, because of the exams at the end of it. To master all the important topics, it is best for students to understand how they all work together. An excellent example is explaining how to understand and apply binomial formulae by visualizing them using elementary geometry. This is the magic of mathematics – you can always build up an intuition on harder concepts by comparing them to simpler ones, and thus understand even the most difficult rules.

7 Grade: Mathematics: Zlatarski International School