School Closure: Classes Held ONLINE

Dear students and parents,

The flu-preventive vacation has been extended until the 15 March by a decision of the Mayor of Sofia. There will be no regular attendance classes held in school on Thursday and Friday.

Zlatarski International School is launching an online platform for distance learning at Students have access to it through their profiles in the SIS. In order not to waste valuable study time, the School board does not cancel classes, but transfers them to the online ZIS platform. This allows for a fruitful learning process with the participation of teachers and students. Teachers give instructions, collect students electronic files of completed tasks, and/or assign homework.

The organization of the virtual school day follows the weekly timetable for each class with the respective subject teacher. Classes start at 8.00am and follow the schedule for the day. Students enter the ZIS system with the same username and password they already use in SIS

Students are required to join the classes and subjects discussion groups for the same time periods when their regular classes take place. They must be in front of a laptop, tablet or smartphone and contribute to the teaching-and-learning process. For instance, is 8 c class have a regular class in English first period on Thursday, they must all be logged in the group for English at 8 am. Teachers will give them assignments for the class and will grade their work with marks entered in the electronic register.

At this very moment some of the subject groups for the classes display the homework assignments for Thursday and Friday. Students should have posted their homeworks by tomorrow morning. In case a student needs their textbooks and notebooks left in the personal lockers at school, they will be able to come and get them Thursday and Friday: the administration will be open and will provide them access.

Zlatarski International School is ready for the new challenges, let us all contribute to a safe and beneficial study process.