I'm Lorin and this is MyIB story @Zlatarski School

lorin‘The teachers are wonderful, open-minded, challenging, and you can really tell that they like what they are doing’ shares Lorin Raychinova, Class 2012.

IB diploma 42 points, 7, 7, 6 at HL
Bulgarian diploma: 5,96
State exam: Bulgarian language and literature: 5,91
State exam: English language: 5,82
King’s College London, UK
Degree in International Politics BA

‘Certainly, I have hoped for sixes and sevens in the IB exams, but that was not all I have ever wanted. More important is the grade to be supported with long-lasting knowledge, the assignment – with practical skills, the class – with valued relations, the classmate – with true friendship. This way success is a combination of high academic performance and talents, which I will always stand for in my life. My advice towards you is: keep up with the hard work, respect and love, and the results will be truly satisfactory.’