Zlatarski International School students represented Bulgaria in New York and Washington: Interview with Alexandra Savcheva

Alexandra Savcheva (10c), a student at Zlatarski International School, came back a few days ago from the Global Young Leaders Conference in New York and Washington, representing successfully Bulgaria and Zlatarski School. She commented, “taking park in the Global Young Leaders Conference gives you a chance to grow and helps you understand what you want to achieve.” Every year Zlatarski School nominates high achieving students for participation in the international conference.

Alex GYLC3

Hello, Alexandra. Tell us more about your experience at the Global Young Leaders Conference 2015?
I spent a week in Washington in a hotel with organised activities and a week in New York in the building of the Manhattan College. Our daily programme was quite exhausting. The day starts with a group meeting, discussing global problems and suggesting solutions. Most days we had different lecturers, who were happy to answer our numerous questions in the different topics they presented. We discussed different colleges and admission requirements. We had the opportunity to do a lot of sight seeing in both cities – different museums, the White House, Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, the Empire State Building and Times Square.

Which are your most vivid memories?
One was definitely the main simulation we participated in. It took part in one of the congress halls of the United Nations Buildings. We were very excited, discussing loudly, the atmosphere was enthused by many young leaders. This was an amazing opportunity, and I am grateful to Zlatarski School for nominating me. The other moment was the cruise along East River in our last evening. We saw the Statue of Liberty and the beautiful skyscrapers.

What kind of people did you meet there?
I met people from all parts of the world – Bolivia, San Salvador, Kuwait, India, the Philippines, Ecuador, Zimbabwe, Paraguay. Everyone was very kind and interested in the country I came from. It was a mixture of cultures, all at the same place!

What qualities did you develop by participating in this leadership programme?
The programme is organised in such a way to allow you to see the world in a wider perspective, to think, to look for solutions to problems of global importance – as a young leader who will be a decision-maker in the near future. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to meet different people with different customs and to make friends. All this allows you to develop and helps you to realise what you really want to achieve.

What would you advise your school mates, who are yet to take part in the Global Young Leaders Conference next summer?
I would advise them to use this opportunity to the fullest, because this is a unique experience, filled with emotions and new friends. The experience sets the beginning of something new you will do. You should not be afraid of taking an active part, be open to new ideas and stand behind your opinions with passion.

Alex GYLC2