20 years since the foundation of Zlatarski International School: Graduation of the Class of 2015

On June 20th 2015 (Saturday), Zlatarski International School celebrated its twentieth anniversary. The commencement of the sixteenth class of the school (and eleventh IB class as well) was a part of the ceremony.

The ceremony was attended by friends of the school, as well as public figures, who actively contributed for the development of the philosophy and mission of Zlatarski International School.




Prof. Vladimir Atanasovliterary critic, professor at Sofia University, Minister of Education and Science between 2001 and 2003, and ambassador of Bulgaria in Slovenia; Prof. Vladimir Atanasov advised the graduates how to make their choices in todays pragmatic and highly technological world:When you encounter a pragmatic dilemma, do not drown the romance in you.”


PassyPh. D. Solomon PassyMinister of External Affairs between 2001 and 2005, signed the historical treaties for the Bulgarian joining of NATO and EU; Ph. D. Solomon Passy noted how the role of the teacher has changed from his own commencement till now: Not long ago, the teachers gave their students information, as for teachers nowadays give them inspiration,needed for the alumni for their way to happiness and success. 
Mrs. Lili Litkovalongtime director of the International department in the Ministry of Education and Science.


Ph. D. Raya Pancheva – coordinator of the international programmes of the International Baccalaureate, IGCSE, UCAS, student in class of 2000 of Zlatarski International School; Doctor of Science, graduated at London School of Economics.



Mrs. Mariya Milenkovamother of our students, of which we are proudStefan Milenkov, class of 2006, and Mihaela Milenkova, class of 2015. Mrs. Milenkova wished the graduating students to “absorbeverything that they like world wide, but to return in Bulgaria to change it with their ideology, becausewe need you, we need your enthusiasm, your strength, your education, your sense of humor.”

_DSC4026Mrs. Poli Michevateacher in Latin language and ancient civilizations, working at Zlatarski International School since 1997. Throughout all these years Poli has actively participated in building up the mission and ideology of the school. A very respected authority as a teacher and also creator of the Drama club and the Ancient culture and civilization class, organizer of numerous events in the history of the school. She is a classical philologist, professional translator from English, French and Italian. “All the best!”, Mrs. Poli Micheva wished to class of 2015: “Do not be necessarily great, just be happy.”


Mr. Ivan Stoykov – graduate of the IB Programme in Zlatarski International School in 2010, who went on with his studies at the American University of Bulgaria, majoring in Mathematics and Journalism and Mass Communicatons; since the fall of 2014 the Zlatarski International School alumnus became part of the school’s faculty as a teacher in mathematics and theory of knowledge in the IB;  Mr. Ivan Stoykov explained how essential it is to keep your university life balanced: “Never leave your studies, but also do not sacrifice your social life.”


In her inspiring speech, Mrs. Micheva said: “My friends ask me how it is possible to work at the same place for so long, if I had enough of it, are the students difficult to stand. I can say many things at this very moment – that it is always exciting to work as a teacher, that the school changes, the same way students and teachers change, that for twenty years the school transformed from a small high school in the suburbs to a thriving institution with thousands of successful graduates. Their results throughout the years are remarkable, prove of hard work.”



Ph. D. Boris Todorov, Assistant Director, concluded the past 2014/2015 academic year and Mrs. Diana Robova, Assistant Director, listed the honored for their grades and active participation in school life students. The Head Master’s list for excellent and active students contained the names of nine students from eighth throughout eleventh grade:
1. Albena Haytova – 9 A
2. Devina Krusteva – 9 A
3. Iv San Tien Chan – 9 C
4. Nikoleta Dancheva – 10 A
5. Alexander Georgiev – 10 B
6. Antoaneta Atanasova – 10 C
7. Maria Ilieva – 11 IB b
8. Kameliya Popova – 11 IB b
9. Bilyana Yankulova – 11 IB b


Traditionally, the Head Master’s list also included the names of the top 10 graduating seniors in terms of their grade point average:

1 Mihaela Milenkova 12 b 5,98
2 Nikoleta Rashkova 12 a 5,98
3 Sofia Spasova 12 b 5.94
4 Konstantin Boradjiev 12 c 5.94
5 Niya Laleva 12 c 5.94
6 Anna-Maria Kandjova 12 c 5.91
7 Simona Kalcheva 12 a 5.90
8 Martin Nikov 12 c 5.86
9 Peter Locker 12 b 5.84
10 Alexander Vladimirov 12 a 5.84

This year, the traditional most prestigeous categories were also awarded – class of the year, student of the year and class valedictorian.


Niya Borisova from 11 IB b class was awarded with the title student of the year, for her excellent grades, social awareness and participation in many different events and endeavors of the school. She represented Zlatarski International School perfectly at the International Forum for Yound Leaders in New York and Washington. With her dedication and responsibilities Niya deserved her respect from both teachers and students.


_DSC3943The award for class of the year went to 9C with class teacher Mrs. Tatyana Valcheva. The class won for their high academic results, social awareness, charity, positive attitude towards the school community, faculty and staff.


Valedictorian of class of 2015 became Mihaela Milenkova – 12 IB b class, with GPA of 5.98, 5.85 on her matura in Bulgarian and 6.00 on her matura in English. She
_DSC4304 deserved the title for her leadership skills, high grades and a true proselyte of Zlatarski International School. She will go on studying in
 Augsburg University in Germany, majoring in Law and Economics. Kiril Delchev, graduate from 12 IB b class, gave a greeting speech, addressed to the faculty, staff and guests at the ceremony.



The prizes “Teacher of the year”, given to Mr. Dobromir Vetzov, teacher in English, dedicated and energetic, “Class teacher of the vigintium”– Mrs. Zhana Kostova, longtime teacher in mathematics, “Teacher of the vigintium”– Mrs. Poli Micheva, teacher of Latin language since 1997, were awarded at the ceremony.

_DSC389142% of the students got a grade of at least 5.50 on the matura in Bulgarian, 64% – at least 5.50 on the matura in English. 32 out of 57 students have a cummulative GPA of at least  5.50.




_DSC4251The average grade for the graduates of 12 A class is 5.44, for 12 IB b – 5.56, for 12 IB c  5.65. And although more than half of our graduates are still awaiting their results from the May  International Baccalaureate exam session, they have already received invitations from some of the top universities, such as: UCL, King’s College London, Cardiff University, University of York, University of Bath, Queen Mary University, City University London, majoring in Finances and Accounting, Business Management, Law, International Relations, Architecture, Computer Science, Pharmacy, etc. Our alumni, which chose to study in Bulgaria, picked Sofia University, University of National and World Economy, New Bulgarian University, American University of Bulgaria.


Mrs. Kardasheva said that: “being international does not mean denying your own nationality. Quite the opposite, internationaloty means to have stong sense of identity. To know yourself and to take their strenght.”

_DSC4672“It is important to remember, dear graduating seniors, who you are and the people behind you all these five years. The classroom is a mini model of everything that will happen in your life. Both in good and bad times. Class of 2015, I know that you are ready to jump – some with eyes shut, some staring at the future, ready for great deed. Do not be necessarily great, just be happy. All the best, class of 2015” – said Poli Micheva to the graduates.

We stand behind these words – the faculty and staff of Zlatarski International School. Lots of luck and may your future be bright, Class of 2015!