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Admission exam: 11 March at Zlatarski International School

On 11 March 2023 at 9.00 am the admissions exam at Zlatarski International School of Sofia will take place. We expect candidates to be at the School 30 minutes before the start of the examination (i.e. at 8.30am). The exam will begin at 9.00am and it will end at 11.00pm. On the day o the examination students should bring: 1) Registration card; 2) Identity document with picture (gradebook, personal student id); 3) Pencils, triangle, rubber etc.

The admissions exam is designed according to the material, studied in grade 7 and it takes 2 hours. The exam consists of the following components: 1) Literature:  transformative essay (50 min); 2) Test Language Competence:  20 questions in Bulgarian language (20 min); 3) Mathematics:  problems on the material for grade 7 (50 min)

The results will be announced on 17 March at 2.30 pm at the School. They will also be available in the electronic system of the school on with Registration number (5 digits) and EGN@ (EGN, followed by the sign @).

Candidates will be invited to a meeting with the admissions committee following an individual schedule in March 2023.

Announcement of results and the status of candidates: approved, approved under condition, not approved, based on the the ranking of candidates and the approval of the admission committee. The ranking of candidates is based on:
– the results of the three exam components
– overall result (first term or complete 7 grade)
– mark in Bulgarian language and literature (first term or end of year)
– mark in Mathematics (first term or end of year)

Meetings with the Admissions Committee:
The School organises individual meetings with candidates and their parents. The aim is to establish the academic strengths and the motivation of students. Students applying to Zlatarski School admit and share the values, found in the School’s Mission; aim at achieving high academic results; expresses a willingness to participate actively in school life and aims to contribute to the School’s development as an international educational institution; shows readiness to become a member of the international community as a student at Zlatarski School. Meetings with the admissions committee are scheduled with the admissions office at registration.

We wish good luck to all candidates!