Students from Zlatarski International School visit literary club "Peroto"

On 30.10.2015 students from Zlatarski International School were guests at the literary club Peroto in the National Palace of Culture. They were introduced to the National book centre and the activities of the club.

Snezhana Yoveva, leader of directorate “Strategic development, public communications and productions” at the National Palace of Culture, greeted the students on behalf of the director Miroslav Borshosh and introduced the students to the new team, the new programmes, projects and initiatives. She also told them about planned and ‘unplanned’ surprised about the upcoming  снимка4Kinomania 2015 and the New Year’s Musical Festival.

The students were really intrested in the programme of the centre, and the opportunities for their theatre or musical projects to be set at the National Palace of Culture. They read poetry and prose of Bulgarian authors and they spent wonderful hours in the cosy and welcoming atmosphere of the literary centre of the National Palace of Culture.

snimka 1