Zlatarski International School with one of the highest scoring IGCSE sessions

100% of the tenth graders of Zlatarski International School sat the exams of the IGCSE May session. All 55 students from 10th grade took the exams in English, maths, history, biology, physics and informational technologies. Thanks to the hard teamwork of both students and teachers, the 10th graders achieved top IGCSE scores.



IGCSE (International General Certificate for SecondaryEducation) is an academic high school programme in the UK, as well as in many other international schools all over the world. Integrated in the English language course of Zlatarski International School, it is a perfect preparation for students for the International Baccalaureate programme in 11th and 12th grade. The students take the exams at the end of tenth grade, as well as the more challenging IGCSE Advanced levels. A grade within the span of A to C are positively accepted by universities, as it represents a level good enough for world educational standards. A successful IGCSE exam session proves that the students are skillful enough to deal with the International Baccalaureate (IB) exams in twelfth grade.

Top results were achieved by Elitsa Zaphyrova (A*AA) in Biology, English language and Mathematics;
Gergana Negovanska (A*A*AB), respectively in Mathematics, Physics, Informational technologies and English language; Mario Markov (A*AAB) – English language, Biology, Mathematics and History; Michelle Serova (A*AC) – English language, History, Mathematics and Stefan Hristov (AAAC) – English language, Biology, Mathematics, Physics. 90% of the students scored grades in the span of A* to C on the exam in Higher Level English. Amongst them, the excellent ones are Antoaneta Atanasova, Mario Markov, Michelle Serova, Peter Petrov, Asen Olovanov, Elitsa Zaphyrova, Elitsa Chausheva, Georgi Karaivanov, Hristo Shotev, Ilana Stambolieva, Ivan Iliev, Ivan Sariev, Christina Todorova, Luka Lozovic, Maria Liwschiz, Maria Kostova, Martin Kirilov, Nefeli Karapanou, Stefan Hristov, Veseliya Tsolova, Vladislav Petkov.

We are proud of the excellent results in Informational Technologies of Elitsa Chausheva, Ilana Stambolieva and Gergana Negovanska, the latter one having an A* in Physics too. A* and A in Biology were achieved bt Elitsa Zaphyrova, Nikoleta Dancheva, Mario Markov and Stefan Hristov.

Top mathematicians of the class are Gergana Negovanska, Elitsa Zaphyrova, Stefan Hristov and Mario Markov.

We also congratulate the excellent students in History – Iskren Velikov and Michelle Serova (both having an A).