Zlatarski International School students 'adopt' a book from the National Library

My class, 9c from Zlatarski International School, decided to contribute to this as we strongly wish to leave a print in Bulgarian’s cultural heritage. We wanted to “adopt” a book, to restore it in relation to the upcoming 24th of May. But how are we supposed to raise money? That was the question. We did a lot of thinking and finally we found a perfect solution, which we called “Bake Sale”. Each and every one of us prepared a sweet dish with love, which the whole school could enjoy. We divided the tasks, some of my classmates brought balloons, plates and utensils. Before the event we went through all the other classrooms to invite students and teachers to our charity “Bake Sale”. We managed to inspire the whole school to help us with our cause. The “Bake Sale” took place on Thursday during the second big break. We took five tables out of our room and put them in the hallway so we could arrange the tasty treats we had made at home. There were both sweet and salty homemade goodies on display. When the bell rung for the break everyone hurried so they can be first at our sale. During these exciting twenty minutes we proudly managed to gather 400lv. We rejoiced success.

Our class teacher Vania Angelova went to the National Library “St. st. Cyril and Methodius” and inquired what edition the money might be used for. On 31ST May our whole class went to the library, where we were warmly welcomed. It was an interesting experience for us because most of us had not been there before. We wanted to absorb every little detail and remember the magnificence of the place. With our first steps we felt the smell of hundreds of years of history and writings. We were led inside a conference room where we sat around an oval table and a really nice woman began to explain to us why the old manuscripts are damaged, and how we could contribute to their preservation. We learned that the money would be used for the restoration of the the “Tupan” newspaper, vital for the survival of the Bulgarian revolutionary alliance. It is sad that there are only few issues of this newspaper that have survived. Also we understood that there are quite a few “adopted” books by Bulgarians living abroad. It was nice to find out that we did something different and “adopted” a newspaper. We also saw some magnificent Bulgarian manuscripts, which were exhibited in the library. In addition, we learned that small things, even light can harm them, which means that history is that fragile. For all of us it was an experience to remember.