International youth conference at Zlatarski School

On 29.05.2019 at Zlatarski International School of Sofia, an international forum was held together with the Israeli Center for Young Leaders. Around 40 students from Israel visited our school to talk with their peers on topical issues such as Volunteering and its contribution to society, Gender Equality, The challenges of fake news, Youth and society, and more.

Representatives of Zlatarski International School were 11 IB grade students and 10th grade students, members of the School club for Public Speech and Debate. Students from other grades to also also took active part. The event was a great opportunity to exchange experiences, knowledge and perspectives with pupils coming from another culture. Zlatarski International School of Sofia maintains long-standing relationships with the Embassy of Israel in Bulgaria, as well as with the Jewish community in Bulgaria.

The event is part of Zlatarski International School’s programme for Intercultural Communication and Intercultural Mindedness. We are convinced that all students, whether directly involved in the event, will give a warm welcome to our visitors. We thank our parents for helping our students with the selection of small souvenirs from Bulgaria for our guests.