Who will be this year's award winners at Zlatarski?

On 18 June 2011 at 9.30am the traditional school celebration will take place at Zlatarski School.

Official guests
Ana Boyadjieva – graduated Zlatarski School in 2002 with excellent marks; studied at Oxford, Princeton, Bern and the University of St Galen, Switzerland. She has worked in major companies such as IBM, Siemens, American Airlines, Carlsberg. She will join us to share how her education at Zlatarski School had helped her in her career and how she had applied in practice what she learned at Zlatarski School.

Vilma Dominikova – senior expert in Information Technologies in the Regional Inspectorate of Education, Sofia. 

Dr Boris Todorov – The Zlatarski family has given Bulgaria and the world two historians. The first – Prof. Vassil Zlatarski – in addition to being the founding ‘father’ of Bulgarian history is also the patron of Zlatarski School; and the second – Dr Boris Todorov, who after graduating from University of California and teaching History in Yonsey University in Korea, has joined the teaching team at Zlatarski School and is a teacher of history with us. 

Mr Petko Georgiev – radio and television journalist and producer, founder of the Free Speech Forum and the Bulgarian Media Coalition, expert in the development of independent media. He is Director of foundation “Promedia – Centre for Radio and TV education”. He is also the father of Nia Georgieva from the Class of 2011.

At the ceremony will be announced the winners of the following awards:

1. Director’s List – Students with excellent marks and active contribution to school life, organisers of different extracurricular activities, participants in contests, projects, students with a clearly defined attitude to social life.

2. Special awards for sports achievements, creativity, charity and organisational activities
– Awards for participation in charity events
– Awards for creativity
– Awards for sports achievements

3. Awards of the Teacher’s Council
4. Student of the Year
5. Class of the Year
6. Teacher of the Year
7. Valevictorian of the Class of 2011

Who will be the winners? You will find out on 18 June 2011. We hope to see you at 9.30 am. at the school.