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Traditionally high IB results at Zlatarski International School

45 students graduated successfully the International Baccalaureate programme this year at Zlatarski International School – the school with more than 10 years of experience and the highest results on international exams in Bulgaria. The graduates from Zlatarski achieved the maximum grade (7) in the subjects Bulgarian language, English, German, Spanish, Economics, Biology, as well as grade As on their extended essays. The equivalent to AAA in the British A levels results, rank Zlatarski School among the best international schools around the world.

I’ve never been happier! I graduated Zlatarski with two excellent diplomas – a Bulgarian with 5.98, and the International Baccalaureate diploma with 42 points.’, says Evgenia Nestorova – the prize-winning pupil of Class 2012. Having been accepted at King’s College London, she will be continuing her education there, where she will be studying Film Studies. With results in the IB diplomas of above 40 points, achievable by only 5% of the students around the world, Evgenia ranks among the exceptional students who have achieved grades 6 and 7 in the taken subjects. “I’m extremely grateful to my teachers, with the preparation at school and the help I received with my King’s application”, shares Evgenia, who applied with the well acknowledged UCAS centre at Zlatarski School.

Along with the very high bilingual IB diploma of 42 points, Lorin Raychinova obtained 5.96 in her Bulgarian diploma. Lorin chose the highly selective SOAS (University of London) to follow a degree in Politics, after considering offers from King’s College, Queen Mary London, and University of York. I learned to quickly adapt and face new challenges’, says Lorin, having previously presented her School and her country, Bulgaria, at the leadership programme in Harvard University.

The outstanding results this year are in English language, as 40 students have achieved excellent marks on the IB exams – 10 students gained the maximum grade 7, and 30 – 6. A mark above 5 in English in the IB is well acknowledged by universities as equivalent to successfully taken IELTS or TOEFL.

For a consecutive year, the IB results at Zlatarski International School are comparable to the results of first-class international schools around the world. Taught in the international course for secondary education, the International Baccalaureate, our students are well prepared and able to apply to the best universities from here – Bulgaria”, says the Head of the School, Mrs Tsvetana Kardasheva.

The graduates from Class 2012 are accepted at St Andrews University, Warwick University, King`s College London, Queen Mary, York and Exeter in various courses such as: Economics, Finance, Law, IT, Design, etc. Zlatarski International School is the only high-school in Bulgaria to educate Bulgarian and foreign students in the programmes Pre-IGCSE (8 grade), IGCSE (9 and 10 grade) and the International Baccalaureate (11 and 12 grade). Taught in English, the curriculum at Zlatarski integrates international education with the Bulgarian educational system.

By achieving an excellent IB diploma of 38 points, Zlatina Dermendjieva is accepted at the prestigious Warwick University to follow a course in Finance and Accounting. With the same results Elena-Avrora Kutevska is about to study in a top British university. ‘I am accepted at University of Southampton, degree – Social Psychology. I made my choice when I had to apply after 7 grade. Zlatarski School was my only choice and, since, the last 5 years have been an incredible experience. Now I’m proud with the achieved success.‘, says Elena-Avrora. A further excellent result, the maximum grade 7 in IB Economics, successfully secured a place for Danail Vasilev to continue his education in economics in the United Kingdom.

‘I am convinced that, wherever they might be around the world, Zlatarski graduates will support the fact that their School had well prepared them for a new way of culture, civilization and moral. Be free in your thoughts, feelings and ambition! Be just in your actions and your attitude towards others!’, advised the graduates Prof. Boyan Durankev (professor in Economics, Marketing and Strategic Planning in the University of National and World Economics), whose daughter is from Class 2012 at Zlatarski School.

Top IB students from Class 2012
This year, the most prestigious result belongs to Evgenia Nestorova and Lorin Raychinova – 42 IB points, followed by the convincing 38 points of Elena-Avrora Kutevska, Vassil Ivanov and Zlatina Dermendjieva, 37 points – Danail Vasilev, 36 points – Alexander Ilkov, Rumiana Romanova, Ekaterina Marcheva and Peter Toshkov’s 35 points. Congratulations!

International Baccalaureate Diploma Top 10 Students 2012
Evgenia Nestorova
42 points
Loryn Raychinova
42 points
Elena-Avrora Kutevska
38 points
Vassil Ivanov
38 points
Zlatina Dermendjieva
38 points
Danail Vassilev
37 points
Alexander Ilkov
36 points
Roumiana Romanova
36 points
Ekaterina Marcheva
36 points
Peter Toshkov
35 points