Successful end for Zlatarski School in Stop Missing Opportunities in Slovakia

Jordanka Dimova, Class of 2013 at Zlatarski International School, chosen to be the ACES Ambassador for the group of Bulgarian schools participating in the conference.

The conclusive meeting for the project Stop Missing Opportunities, the so called ACES Academy, was held from 27th March till 30th March 2012 nearby Bratislava. Participants from Zlatarski School were Anna Joukivskaia, coordinator of the project, and Jordanka Dimova, student in 11a grade, who took active participation in the successful realization of the activities related with this initiative. Over 300 teachers, students and official representatives of over 15 countries in Europe took part in ACES Academy 2012. The formal meeting was hardly accessible and the work – highly intensive. All participants, who had worked during these 6 months in cooperation with their partners, presented the results from their projects, discussed the challenges which had occurred during the project and told each other about the realized activities. The students were the  protagonists who presented the projects, which made the work very dynamic, spontaneous and creative.

Few NBs to be mentioned:

Jordanka Dimova, 11a grade, was officially chosen by the organizers as ACES Ambassador of the Bulgarian group of students and teachers at the conference (15 schools from Sofia, Varna, Gabrovo, Silistra, Goce Delchev, Stara Zagora, Omurtag, Plovdiv, Yurukovo, Chelopech, Blagoevgrad, Smolian, Vidin). This extremely prestigious title included the following: Jordanka took care of the Bulgarian officials in Bratislava – the Bulgarian Ambassador and the Principal of the Bulgarian school in Bratislava. Furthermore, the project Stop Missing Opportunities was officially represented by Jordanka in front of the Ambassador and the Principal of the school.

Jordanka applied for the position of Student Valedictorian and reached the final along with a student from Romania, who in the end won this title. The organizers promised that Jordanka’s speech will be posted on the official ACES page, as well as the organization’s facebook page.

All teachers and students from the different countries prepared presentations on the projects during the conference. Together with our Montenegrin partners our representatives prepared poster-presentations, using photos, which illustrated different activities, brochures, hand-made materials, (for us these were the different martenitzi, which were the core of the project, as well as photographs from the charity exhibition of Zlatarski School’s students, posters, Newsletters etc. Jordanka and Pavle (the student from Bar) presented the project in 3 minutes in front of a big audience of participants and a jury. The representatives of the jury had to choose the most innovative project.