NewsNews 2016/2017

Exciting experience for Zlatarski International School students during the visit of the Home for Elderly Art Veterans in Sofia

On May 25th, students from grades 8, 9 and 10 of Zlatarski International School visited the Home for veterans of culture and the arts in Sofia. Using funds collected through three charity bazars (Christmas postcards, martenizas and paintings), the students purchased kettles, a mixer, some cups, toiletries, tea, coffee and biscuits for all the elderly people at the home, and the school choir sang a few songs and played the piano for them.

“… a former music editor and lecturer from the Music Conservatoire sang a French chanson, we talked about the creative past and about the lives of former artists, journalists, musicians … who live there,” the students commented.

“It was a pleasure for me to meet people of this age, so amazingly talented and inspiring” – Shin (9a)

“So many people, so many talents, making our days beautiful!” – Adriana (9a)

“I was feeling and crying when I saw their joy from our visit, so I played my piano composition!” – Maria (9a)

Visiting the Home for veterans of culture and the arts is often a part of Zlatarski International School’s students’ charity projects. Participating and organising projects which develop creativity, empathy and stimulate physical activity is a key compulsory component of the students’ preparation at Zlatarski International School for the successful completion of their international secondary education and their development as successful young people.

Through the compulsory CAS program (Creativity, Action, Service), which is integrated within the everyday lives of all grades at Zlatarski School, the students not only build their academic abilities, but they acquire necessary skills for their successful personal development as well – being inquiring, communicative, principled, risk-takers, caring, balanced, etc. The students have the opportunity to choose among the numerous extracurricular activities organised at and by Zlatarski School which are specifically developed to fulfill the criteria of the international educational programs.

“I would certainly visit home again, it was interesting!” -Ivena

“… treated us as their grandchildren and were visibly happy with the mood we brought with them!” – Ivaila (8b)

“… it is sad that these people, inspired by many with their talents, with performances, exhibitions and concerts, have now replaced the stage with the small dining room, and the admiration and the audience’s applause with a cup of mint tea with two spoons of sugar …” -Maria (8a)

“… there was a man who was an opera singer in Italy, he told us about his career, but he also asked questions about our dreams and hopes.” I saw the joy in their eyes and the gratitude that they were not forgotten by the young and talented generation. “- Irina (8a)

‘I felt happy with those people who, with their talents and professions, have elevated Bulgarian art and culture to the highest level! I would go again with joy! “- Clara (8a)