NO to bullying at school: Students and teachers at Zlatarski International School wear pink in the campaign against bullying for Pink Shirt Day

On 22.02. students and teachers from Zlatarski International School of Sofia dressed in pink clothes as part of the no bullying at school campaign. Since 2012 Pink Shirt Day is held yearly in schools in many countries like USA, UK, France and Australia. For the fifth consecutive year we, students, teachers and staff from Zlatarski International School, support the campaign because we sincerely believe in tolerance and understanding.

Pink Shirt Day began in 2007 in Canada, when two seniors protected a boy from grade 9, who showed up on the first day of school with a pink T-shirt. After the 9th grader experienced countless insults and threats, the two older boys bought 50 pink shirts the next day and handed them to his classmates (boys and girls).

Over 50% of children in schools in Bulgaria are victims of violence and we strive actively to reduce this percentage by speaking openly about the problem and organizing various events during the school year, one of which is Pink Shirt Day.

NO to bullying at school!