Our international trip to Cyprus, by Eli (10 grade)

Students from 9th, 10th and 11th grade from Zlatarski International School worked together for the project “Comenius”, which last met in Cyprus. This is an international project, in which students from Norway, Latvia, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Bulgaria worked together. The Bulgarian team from our School: Tina and Biliana (9th grade), Elitsa and Mario (10th grade) and Bojidar (11th grade) with the help of their teachers: Mrs. Nikolova – coordinator of the project, Mr. Pendev – sports teacher, Mr. Stefanov – music teacher, Mr. Vetsov – English teacher and Mr. Kostov – IT teacher made three documentary films: tennis training between Zlatarski students and paralympics sportsmen, a game with sport character developing speed, agility and flexibility and a clapping-hand video.

The Bulgarian team was welcomed very warmly and cordially in the school of Nicosia. It was a new school with a wonderful campus. The parents of the Cypriot children welcomed us to their homes. The Cypriot families took us to the Cyprus Handcraft Center, where we saw handmade dishes and covers and we learnt a lot about the culture of Cyprus.


In January 2013 all other delegations in the project are coming to Zlatarski School. We expect it to be an interesting experience and we are already getting ready with the preparations.