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Online learning: How we are doing according to our parents

Distance learning at Zlatarski International School began in mid-March and by order of the Minister of Education, the school year will end by online teaching and learning. From the team and the management of Zlatarski International School we needed to receive detailed feedback from the parents of our students about distance learning so far. We would like to thank all the parents who responded to the online survey by May 25th. Based on these answers, our pedagogical team will make improvements, where possible. We thank the parents of our students from grades 5-12 for the positive feedback regarding online teaching and learning.

100% of the parents shared that their children use the electronic platform of Zlatarski International School daily. 90% of the students manage to cope with the assigned tasks online, with parents of younger students in grades 5-7 needing to help their children more often. 83% of parents think that the tasks that their children do online are just right, while 10% think that the work should be more, and 7% think that the tasks should be less. In online learning most of our students enjoy most participation in discussions, presentations and group projects.

Here are some of the comments from our parents regarding online learning at Zlatarski International School:

“Our child managed to establish a learning routine close to that in a normal environment. This helps him both in the preparation and the overall confidence in the learning process. ”

“Distance learning has improved feedback between parents and teachers, improved the organization of projects and self-preparation tasks.”

“We are confident that learning continues fully.”

“Distance learning has helped our child not feel socially isolated. Every day he is with his classmates and teachers, no study material is missed. We as parents did not have to teach material as in other schools. ”

“The platform is very good, everything is very well organized and structured”

“I think you did very well. Congratulations! ”

“I think it is very well organized and at a high level, there is no difference in distance and normal school learning. I recommend that it be applied at every necessary interruption of the normal learning process. Greetings. ”

“I am impressed by the seriousness with which both teachers and students approach it.”

“I have entrusted the learning process entirely to my son and I am periodically informed about his success and difficulties. He is doing great and I’m pleased. “

We are grateful for the constructive ideas and suggestions regarding the improvement of our online learning in the future. We will try to introduce the necessary corrections and improvements where possible.