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Yet again strong results at Maturi 2019 for the students of Zlatarski International School

Reason to celebrate in 2019 is the fact that 60% of the students from the Class of 2019 of Zlatarski International School are graduating with excellent diplomas with marks over 5.50 (out of 6.00). The top 10  graduates of Zlatarski International School this year are Joanna Negovanska (5.98), Kaloyan Rusev (5.92), Kalina Deleva (5.90), Stefka Ilieva (5.90), Denitsa Raichkova (5.90), Dimitar Savov (5.88), Jacqueline Yanakieva (5.86), Anelie Boseva (5.84) and Dennis Mitkov (5.83). The final grade in the Bulgarian diploma includes grades from a student’s secondary school education and the results in the state matriculation exams. 

In 2019, 44% of the students at Zlatarski International School achieved excellent scores of over 5,50 in the English language matura and 75% achieved a mark of 5.00 and over.  In the Bulgarian language and literature matura 38% of the students achieved scores of over 5,50 and 69% got a result of 5.00 and over. Yoanna Negovanska from the Class of 2019 achieved a full A mark (6.00) in Bulgarian language and literature, and Merian Ivanova achieved an excellent (5.91) mark in English language and literature. With these results Zlatarski School ranks among the leading schools in the country for a consecutive year.

Top 10 results in the English language matura
The students in the top ten of the English language matura for 2019 are: Merian Mihaylova (5.91), Ioanna Negovanska (5.89), Dennis Mitkov (5.86), Kalina Deleva (5.81), Stefka Ilieva (5.78), Denitsa Raichkova (5.78) Kaloyan Rusev (5.77), Dimitar Savov (5.74), Simeon Bochev (5.72), Jacqueline Yanakieva (5.68).

Top 10 results in the Bulgarian language and literature matura
In the top 10 this year in Bulgarian language and literature matriculation exam are: Joanna Negovanska (6.00), Jacqueline Yanakieva (5.85), Stefka Ilieva (5.84), Kalina Deleva (5.75), Ivana Georgieva (5.75), Kaloyan Rusev (5.72) Laura Dimitrova (5.68), Merian Mihailova (5.67), Denitsa Raichkova (5.64), Kristiana Kamenovska (5.64).

Graduating students from the Class of 2019, in addition to the state matriculation exams, sat international externally assessed exams leading to International Baccalaureate diplomas and certificates and the results will be published in early July. As early as the 10th grade students of Zlatarski International School sit the Cambridge International GCSE exams in English, mathematics in English, history in English, biology, physics, chemistry in English and information technology to help students compare their knowledge with peers from international schools around the world. The success of our graduates from Class 2019 is due to the joint efforts and purposeful work of students, teachers and parents.

Students from the Class of 2019 are already conditionally accepted at prestigious universities such as University College London, King’s College London, Queen Mary London, Warwick University, Bristol University, Cardiff University, Royal Holloway London, City University London, University of Leeds, Bocconi University, Erasmus University of Aberdeen, University of Kent, Edinburgh University, University of Surrey, University of the Arts to study Finance, Law, International Relations, Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry, Neurology, Design, Fashion, Management and more.