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IB Diploma Results 2018: Congratulations Class of 2018

Many congratulations to the Class of 2018 on their outstanding IB examination results! At 46 students, the IB cohort of Zlatarski International School of Sofia is the biggest in Bulgaria. This year we have 80 excellent marks! 80% of our students received excellent marks in their English exams and 3 students achieved 40+ points in their diplomas. IB diplomas with 40+ points are achieved by only 8% of students worldwide. These are the highest results in the international IB exams in Bulgaria which rank Zlatarski International School of Sofia among the best international schools in the world.

The thorough school preparation of all our students has proved successful and they defended brilliantly their knowledge in Literature, English, German, Spanish, History, Economics, Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Anna Philcheva has come top of the IB Class of 2018 (with her 42 points), followed by Boyan Mladenov (41 points), Ivsan Chan (40 points), Petar Statev (39 points), Albena Haytova (37 points), Kristina Paneva (36 points) and Yao Chen (35 points). Congratulations!

“This has been yet another year in which the IB results at Zlatarski International School are comparable to the results of the best international schools around the world. We teach our students  first-class international educational programmes Cambridge Secondary, IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate, and this makes the preparation for the top English-speaking universities of the world possible here, in Bulgaria.”, shares Mrs. Kardasheva, Head of Zlatarski International School.

Top International Baccalaureate results of the Class of 2018: We are proud with the results in the English exam, where 80% of the students have received excellent scores. The top marks 7 (out of 7) in IB English were achieved by Ali Basha, Stefan Iontchev, Anna Philcheva, Rimma Markova, Tsvetan Velkov, Boyan Mladenov, Veselin Daskalov, Ivsan Chan, Peter Statev, Pavel Velkov! In IB Bulgarian top marks 7 (out of 7) were achieved by Mileva Tsveticheva, Albena Haytova, Dimana Zarkova and Boyan Mladenov. This year we excelled in IB Biology and IB Physics with top marks 7 (out of 7) and numerous 6 marks in the sciences – well done! Congratulations to Anna Philcheva, Ivsan Chan, Devina Krasteva, and Albena Haytova, who all have excellent marks in IB Biology, and Boyan Mladenov and Peter Statev for their excellent marks in IB Physics! In IB German top marks 7 (out of 7) were achieved by Mileva Tsveticheva, Albena Haytova, Dimana Zarkova and Boyan Mladenov, while in IB Spanish the top marks belong to Anna Philcheva, Kristina Paneva, Donna Milanova, Yao Chen, Leonardo Tognoloni, Ivsan Chan and Peter Statev! The excellent marks in IB Mathematics go to Peter Statev, Anna Philcheva and Ivsan Chan.

Nearly 150,000 students from over 136 countries took the IB Diploma Programme this year. The IB’s outlook is invaluable, instilling in our students the ability to understand and prosper in the global community, as well as an outstanding entry to university.

What are the requirements of the universities: We congratulate all the students who have achieved a 6 or 7 (out of 7) in the international IB exams as such success is highly appreciated by the top universities around the world since it guarantees the skills of the students to be successful according international criteria. Universities like Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Harvard and Stanford require a result of 38 – 40 point in the IB Diploma. Universities like Warwick, University College London, King’s College, Queen Mary, City and Durham usually require a result above 36 points. Depending on the degree of choice, universities such as Essex, Sussex, Exeter, Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham, Westminster, Brunel and Kent require an IB Diploma with a result between 30 and 35 points.

International Baccalaureate Diploma 2018 Top Students
Anna Philcheva
42 points
Boyan Mladenov
41 points
Ivsan Chan
40 points
Peter Statev
39 points
Albena Haytova
37 points
Kristina Paneva
36 points
Yao Chen
35 points