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How to succeed in the IGCSE exams after grade 10 at Zlatarski International School of Sofia

Every year thousands of students around the world sit the international IGCSE exams after Grade 10. Teaching IGCSE programs going on in school and excellent presenting requires serious preparation, concentration and a clear understanding of the criteria.

We turned for advice Ivsan Chan from grade 11 at Zlatarski International School of Sofia, who in 2016 achieved a staggering A * A * AB in Mathematics, Biology, Information technology and English, a result achieved only 10% of students in the world.

What is your advice to the students who will sit the IGCSE exams this year?

I: “No matter which IGCSE exams they have chosen, I believe there are 3 things which would definitely help the tenth-graders achieve high scores. They need to study the material on a regular basis and without any lapses and then it is necessary to grasp the idea of the exam, what exactly is expected of the student. This happens with the help of the teachers who have gradually prepared you for the exam through homework and tests, and it happens by doing Past Papers – the more you exercise the format, the lesser the chance of something unexpected happening at the final exam.

And in the end, studying is studying – exams will pass. For me, what is most valuable are the skills and the real knowledge that remain with each student. It might look seemingly pointless now, but trust me, soon you will see how your work takes on meaning and that is extremely satisfying. Let that motivate you!”

How did you achieve such high results?

I: “Assimilating the material in the Syllabi, learning how to apply it to different questions, and last but not least, the process of preparation are the things which should be viewed as pleasurable – if not now, then in the future.”

We wish success to all 10 grade student at Zlatarski International School, who will sit the International GCSE exams in May 2017.

Zlatarski International School has the largest number of students studying towards the IGCSE certificates in Bulgaria. All of our students have access to the international programmes and the paparation starts in grade 8 with the Pre-IGCSE programme.