Educational Software in Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry

The students from grades 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 at Zlatarski School will now be able to use digital lessons in classes in Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The software is developed in the United Kingdom and it is fully compatible with the educational content of IGCSE and IB textbooks. The digital lessons in the natural sciences and mathematics are already installed and ready to use with the interactive whiteboards available in every classroom at the School.

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Through animations, virtual experiments and educational games the interactive lessons make science and mathematics classes much more interesting. The integration of the educational software and interactive lessons in class is part of the larger project of Zlatarski School Interactive technologies in every classroom. 

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In Mathematics Zlatarski School has digital lessons on the following topics:

  • Bar charts, line graphs and pie charts, Calculating averages, Combined probability
  • Continuous data, Cumulative frequency and box plots, Data collection, Drawing frequency diagrams
  • Experimental probability, Probability, Stem-and-leaf and scatter graphs, The data handling cycle, Tree diagrams
  • Advanced inequalities, Algebraic fractions, Calculus, Decimal calculations, Decimals
  • Factorizing, Formulae, Fractions, Functions, Generating sequences, Graphs of non-linear functions
  • Index laws, Index laws 2, Integers, Inverse functions, LCM and HCF, Linear equations, Linear graphs
  • Manipulating formulae, More quadratics, Multiples, factors and prime numbers, Other sequences
  • Percentage changes, Percentages, Powers and proportion, Powers and roots, Proportion, Ratio
  • Real-life graphs, Rounding, Set theory, Simple inequalities, Simultaneous equations 1, Simultaneous equations 2
  • Solving quadratics, Standard form, Surds, Working with brackets, Working with fractions
  • 3-D shapes, Applying Pythagoras’ Theorem, Applying trigonometry, Area, Circle calculations, Circles
  • Congruence and similarity, Construction, Cubes and cuboids, Enlargement, Further trigonometry
  • Lines and angles, Loci, Matrices, Measures, More measures, Polygons, Pythagoras’ Theorem,
  • Symmetry and reflection, Translation and rotation, Triangles and quadrilaterals, Trigonometry
  • Trigonometry graphs and rules, Using vectors, Vectors
  • Statistics and Probability 1, Statistics and Probability 2 Number and Algebra 1, Number and Algebra 2
  • Number and Algebra 3, Number and Algebra 4, Geometry and Measures 1, Geometry and Measures 2
  • Geometry and Measures 3, Geometry and Measures 4

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In Biology Zlatarski School has digital lessons on the following topics:

  • Active Transport, Adaptation, Alcohol and Tobacco, Anaerobic Respiration, Asexual Reproduction,
  • Bacteria and Viruses, Blood, Breathing, Cells, Circulation, Classifying Organisms, Cloning, Combatting Infection
  • Competition, Diet, Exercise and Health, Diffusion, DNA, Drug Use and Addiction, Energy Transfers in Food Chains
  • Enzymes, Evolution, Exchanging Materials in Plants, Exchanging Materials, Excretion, Food production
  • Genetic Engineering, Glucoregulation, Heart Disease, Homeostasis, Hormones, Human Growth and Development
  • Human Impact on the Environment, Human Reproduction, Humans and the Environment, Immunization
  • Inheritance, Inherited Disorders, Investigating Ecosystems, Kidney Failure, Leaves, Meiosis and Reproduction
  • Microorganisms in Food Production, Minerals for Plants, Mitosis, Multicellular Organisms, Nutrients
  • Osmosis, Pathogens and Disease, Photosynthesis, Plant Hormones, Plant Reproduction, Respiration
  • Similarity and Variation, Sustainability, The Carbon Cycle, The Digestive System, The Eye and Seeing, The Heart
  • The Nervous System, The Nitrogen Cycle, Using Enzymes, Water Cycle, Yeast and Fermentation

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In Chemistry Zlatarski School has digital lessons on the following topics:

  • Acids and Alkalis, Air, Alcohols, Alkanes, Alloys, Alternative Fuels, Atomic Structure, Calcium Carbonate
  • Calculating with Moles, Carboxylic Acids, Changing Reaction Rates, Changing the Atmosphere, Chemical Reactions
  • Chromatography, Combustion, Covalent Bonding, Cracking Hydrocarbons, Crude Oil, Earth’s Atmosphere
  • Electrolysis 1, Electrolysis 2, Electron Arrangement, Energy Changes in Reaction, Extracting Metals by Electrolysis
  • Extracting Metals by Reduction, Formulae and Equations, Fossil Fuels and the Environment, Fractional Distillation
  • Fuel Cells, Gas Volumes, Giant Covalent Structures, Group 0 Noble Gases, Group 1 Alkali Metals,
  • Group 1 and Transition Elements, Group 7 Halogens Heating and Cooling, Hydrocarbon Fuels, Incomplete Combustion
  • Introducing Atoms, Ionic Compounds, Ions and Ionic Bonding, Isotopes, Making Ethanol, Making Polymers, Making Salts
  • Measuring Reaction Rates, Metallic Bonding, Moles, Plant Oils, Polymers and the Environment, Precipitates
  • Properties and Uses of Polymers, Properties of Metals, Qualitative Analysis, Quantitative Chemistry, Reactions in Chemistry
  • Redox Reactions and Rusting, Reversible Reactions, Spectroscopy and Flame Tests, The Contact Process
  • The Haber Process, The Periodic Table, Titrations, Water Quality, Yield

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In Physics Zlatarski School has digital lessons on the following topics:

  • Acceleration, Analogue and Digital Signals, Atoms and Isotopes, Car Safety, Circuit Components, Circular Motion
  • Communicating with Radio Waves and Microwaves, Communicating with Visible Light and Infrared
  • Current Voltage and Resistance, Diffraction Dispersion and Interference, Diodes, Capacitors and Transistors
  • Dynamics, Effects of Static Electricity, Elasticity, Electric Fields, Electrical Circuits, Electrical Power
  • Electrical Wiring and Safety, Electricity Distribution, Electricity Supply, Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Energy Resources, Energy Transformations, Equations of Motion, Evaluating Energy Resources, Falling Objects
  • Forces, Generators, Half-life, Heating with Microwaves and Infrared, Insulation, Ionizing Radiation, Lenses
  • Light, Logic Gates, Magnetic Fields, Materials, Mechanics, Medical Physics, Momentum and Collisons
  • Momentum Collisions and Forces, Motion in the Solar System, Motors, Nuclear Fuels and Fission, Optics
  • Particle Physics, Particles and Energy Transfer, Potential and Kinetic Energy, Power Stations, Radioactive Decay
  • Radioactive Substances, Reflection Refraction and Diffraction, Resistance and Resistivity, Resistance
  • Series and Parallel Circuits, Specific Heat Capacity, Specific Latent Heat, Speed, Static Electricity, Stopping Distances
  • The Solar System, The Universe, Thermal Radiation, Total Internal Reflection, Transformers, Ultrasound
  • Ultraviolet Radiation, Using Electricity, Vectors, Volume Pressure and Temperature
  • Wave Properties, Waves, Work and Power

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