Career counselling for Zlatarski School students: 'Do what you are'

From 11 February 2014 at Zlatarski School numerous activities will take place in all classes on career guidance organized by the Centre for Career Guidance at the Ministry of Education and Science and RIE – Sofia city. The trainings are part of the project under the Operational Programme “Human Resources Development “2007-2013 – “Systematic career guidance in school.”

Zlatarski School traditionally conducts career guidance aimed at the needs of students and the opportunities for success after completing the high school stage of education, choosing the appropriate degree and specific profession. As part of the process of application to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, 10th grade students choose, after consultation with the Head of the school, the IB Coordinator and the School Psychologist, the profiling subjects as part of their education in grade 11 and 12, in order to have a successful university and professional development.

In partnership with the school psychologist and coordinator for university applications, the trainers will use psychometric tests, interactive methods and open discussions to inform students (8-11 grades) of their individual psychological profiles, will provide information on different professions and the labor market.