Flu: No School 29 January – 2 February

The Open Day will take place as planned on 31 January (Wednesday) at 4.00 pm at Zlatarski International School of Sofia.

In accordance with the official letter №РУO1-2196 / 26.01.2018 of the Head of the Regional Inspectorate of Education ofr Sofia-City, the management of Zlatarski International School of Sofia cancels all regular classes for the week 29.01.2018 – 2.2.2018 due to a flu epidemic. The days 5. and 6.2.2018 are part of the regular winter vacation for all schools in the Republic of Bulgaria.

We expect all students of Zlatarski International School to attend regular classes on February 7th, 2018.

The Mock-IGCSE Internal Exam for Grade 10 students has been moved from Friday February 2, 2018 to Friday, February 9, 2018.

Students in the 12 IB grade will use the time to work on the individual components of the subjects, the extended essay and the essay on the theory of knowledge. Students will receive on Monday by email an individual timetable for mandatory supervisory meetings with teachers on subjects and components. We insist that all students included in the schedule attend.