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ACMUN Thessaloniki Story

Four IB students of Zlatarski International School participated at the 7th annual Anatolia College Model United Nations event in Thessaloniki, Greece, between February 17 and 19, 2012.

Valentina Petrova, Elizabeth Pyloridou, Miroslav Dimitrov and Kostadin Kolev recreated the delegation of Indonesia in four of the General Assembly committees. More than three hundred students from about a dozen schools attended the ACMUN, representing fifty-six virtual countries. The international visitors included students from IB schools in Germany and Turkey, as well as a trans-Atlantic delegation from Iowa.

Students convincingly reenacted heated debates and dynamic exchanges over current problems like the place of slavery in modern societies, the fate of private militias, or the sovereignty of Tibet. Zlatarski’s delegation came out with a number of amendments and contributed to the formulation of several UN resolutions, which we sincerely hope the real-time United Nations might take into account.