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82 excellent marks in the International Baccalaureate (IB) at Zlatarski International School

Graduation of Class 2013
Graduation of Class 2013

In 2013, 39 students graduated successfully the International Baccalaureate at Zlatarski International School. 35 of them achieved excellent results (6s and 7s out of a maximum of 7) in the international exam in English. A mark above 5 in IB English is accepted by universities worldwide as an equivalent to a successfully passed IELTS or TOEFL. More than 80 are the excellent marks in the languages – IB Bulgarian, IB English, IB German, IB Spanish and the sciences – Economics, Biology and Mathematics. The results are comparable to A,A,A in the British A levels and set Zlatarski School among the best international schools.

This year the top graduates are – Boyan Dinev and Gabriela Hristova. Gabriela Hristova achieved 40 IB points, with the maximum marks 7 in Bulgarian Language, German Language, Economics and Mathematics. Her choice is to study Law at the highly selective University of London Queen Mary, after having offers from Warwick University, University of York and Oxford Brookes University. Likewise, Boyan Dinev achieved 40 IB points, with the maximum marks 7 in Mathematics, Economics and German Language. Boyan’s choice is to study Finance and Accounting at the University of  Southampton, where, at present, several Zlatarski graduates from the Class of 2011 and 2012 are studying.

King’s College London, on the other hand, accepted 5 of our graduates from the Class of 2013 in the courses – International Relations, Pharmacy and Business and Management. There, the top IB graduates from the previous Class of 2012, Evgeniya Nestorova and Lorin Raychinova will be welcoming our ‘freshers’ in September. Moreover, Nora Karageorgieva (Class 2010) has just graduated King’s College London with a First Class Degree this year.

“Zlatarski School is the first IB school in Bulgaria, with more than 10 years of experience, with the highest number of pupils studying in the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme and with the highest success rate. The School has the expertise to prepare students for the best British and international universities”, states Daniel Parsons, International Programmes Coordinator at the School.

Statistics of Class 2013: Marks 6 and 7 in the IB exams

Name Mark Subject
Lozovic ,Sofija 7 IB English
Kaloyanov ,Dimitar 7 IB English
Marinova ,Nora 7 IB English
Metodieva ,Anna-Maria 6 IB English
Marinova ,Mira 6 IB English
Maneva ,Mirela 6 IB English
Dimitrov ,Miroslav 6 IB English
Karadjov ,Nikolay 6 IB English
Lazarov ,Petar 6 IB English
Hristova ,Rada 6 IB English
Haytova ,Silvana 6 IB English
Fedriga ,Valentina 6 IB English
Ivanova ,Tsvetelina 6 IB English
Baser ,Cagan 6 IB English
Aleksandrov ,Aleksandar 6 IB English
Panov ,Borislav 6 IB English
Dinev ,Boyan Todorov 6 IB English
Todorova ,Gabriela 6 IB English
Hristova ,Gabriela 6 IB English
Markovski ,Georgi 6 IB English
Kolev ,Denis 6 IB English
Apostolov ,Georgi 6 IB English
Ivanova ,Elena 6 IB English
Dimitrova ,Zornitsa 6 IB English
Dimitrov ,Ivan 6 IB English
Golubarev ,Martin 6 IB English
Zografova ,Mila 6 IB English
Haltakov ,Nikolay 6 IB English
Shukerov ,Stoyan 6 IB English
Velkova ,Teodora 6 IB English
Nasr ,Philip 6 IB English
Tzvetkova ,Greta 6 IB English
Pyloridou ,Elisavet 6 IB English
Kolev ,Kaloian 6 IB English
Kolev ,Kostadin 6 IB English
Hristova ,Gabriela 7 IB Bulgarian
Dimitrov ,Ivan 7 IB Bulgarian
Lozovic ,Sofija 7 IB Bulgarian
Fedriga ,Valentina 7 IB Bulgarian
Metodieva ,Anna-Maria 6 IB Bulgarian
Dimitrov ,Miroslav 6 IB Bulgarian
Haytova ,Silvana 6 IB Bulgarian
Aleksandrov ,Aleksandar 6 IB Bulgarian
Panov ,Borislav 6 IB Bulgarian
Dinev ,Boyan 6 IB Bulgarian
Markovski ,Georgi 6 IB Bulgarian
Kaloyanov ,Dimitar 6 IB Bulgarian
Dimitrova ,Zornitsa 6 IB Bulgarian
Haltakov ,Nikolay 6 IB Bulgarian
Shukerov ,Stoyan 6 IB Bulgarian
Velkova ,Teodora 6 IB Bulgarian
Nasr ,Philip 6 IB Bulgarian
Kolev ,Kostadin 6 IB Bulgarian
Dinev, Boyan 7 IB Mathematics
Hristova, Gabriela 7 IB Mathematics
Velkova ,Teodora 7 IB Mathematics
Panov ,Borislav 6 IB Mathematics
Zografova ,Mila 6 IB Mathematics
Nasr ,Philip 6 IB Mathematics
Dinev ,Boyan 7 IB Economics
Hristova ,Gabriela 7 IB Economics
Panov ,Borislav 6 IB Economics
Zografova ,Mila 6 IB Economics
Haltakov ,Nikolay 6 IB Economics
Dinev ,Boyan 6 IB Biology
Metodieva ,Anna-Maria 7 IB Spanish
Haytova ,Silvana 6 IB Spanish
Lozovic ,Sofija 6 IB Spanish
Fedriga ,Valentina 6 IB Spanish
Velkova ,Teodora 6 IB Spanish
Kolev ,Kostadin 6 IB Spanish
Dinev ,Boyan 7 IB German
Hristova ,Gabriela 7 IB German
Kaloyanov ,Dimitar 7 IB German
Nasr ,Philip 7 IB German
Marinova ,Mira 6 IB German
Dimitrov ,Miroslav 6 IB German
Marinova ,Nora 6 IB German
Aleksandrov ,Aleksandar 6 IB German
Todorova ,Gabriela 6 IB German
Markovski ,Georgi 6 IB German
Haltakov ,Nikolay 6 IB German
Lozovic ,Sofija A English Extended Essay
Fedriga ,Valentina A English Extended Essay
Velkova ,Teodora A English Extended Essay
Markovski ,Georgi B English Extended Essay
Kaloyanov ,Dimitar B English Extended Essay
Dimitrova ,Zornitsa B English Extended Essay
Dimitrov ,Ivan A Bulgarian Extended Essay
Metodieva ,Anna-Maria B Bulgarian Extended Essay
Todorova ,Gabriela B Bulgarian Extended Essay
Hristova ,Gabriela B Bulgarian Extended Essay
Panov ,Borislav B Economics Extended Essay