Class of 2011 of Zlatarski School in the top 10 British Universities

Thanks to the established UCAS centre at Zlatarski International School, the international programmes and certificates, as well as the excellent preparation at school, the Class of 2011 students are already admitted (24. 03. 2011) in some of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom.

St. Andrews University for the first time admitted students of Zlatarski School in the programmes Economics and Economics – Management. This is a great achievement, as St. Andrews University, founded in 1413, is fifth in the UK according to the Times University Ranking and Prince William graduated this very institution.

London School of Economics admitted this year Zlatarski School students in the programmes Accounting, Finance and Employment Relations. London School of Economics (LSE) is one of the most selective universities in the UK and admission there is a testimony for the school, for the motivation of students and the professionalism of teachers. A great success is also the admission of Zlatarski students at Warwick University in the programmes Politics and Sociology and Industrial Economics.

Similarly to last year King’s College London admitted our students in the programmes Business and Management and History. King’s College is among the oldest universities in English, together with Oxford and Cambridge. A great success is also the admission of our students in Durham University и York University. According to the Times, these universities rank 7th and 8th in the United Kingdom. Our students will reading at Durham the following subjects – Finance, Business Finance, Economics and Marketing. At York, our students are admitted in the degrees – Social and Political Studies, Economics, Finance and Management.

Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design and Digital and Video Arts were among the most favoured programmes by Zlatarski School students. These subjects require specific preparation and we are happy with the successful admission of our students at Cardiff University, University of Leeds, University of the Creative Arts, Oxford Brookes University, University of Sheffield, Westminster University, Brunel University.

Law and Political Studies students of Zlatarski School will be studying at Queen Mary University, University of Kent, University of Exeter, University of Reading, University of Westminster.

The admission of students from Zlatarski International School in top British universities in 2011 is a tremendous success. Congratulations to the students and to the whole team of teachers, coordinators and counsilors working in the university preparation section at Zlatarski School.

The full list of admitted students from the Class of 2011 can be found here