23.04.2011 Sport achievements for Zlatarski teams

Golden medal – table tennis
The table tennis team at Zlatarski School came first in Sofia, winning the golden medal in the capital and the champions are: Borislav Panov (10a), Luchezar Pavlov (10a), Filip Nasser (10a) and Petar Tsvetanov (9b). We are expecting a great performance in the National competition in table tennis, which will take place in Plovdiv, between 26 and 29 Maj 2011.

Congratulations to the badminton team of Zlatarski School (boys 8 – 10 grade), who won 4th place in the tournament in Sofia.

Our athletes came 4th in the capital (boys 8-10 grade) and 6th (girls).

The champions in Athletics are Nicolay Petrov (9a) and Stoyan Shukerov (10b), who came 3rd in the capital.