International Baccalaureate 2010

20.07.2010 Zlatarski School students achieve excellent results in the International Baccalaureate exams: May 2010 Exam Session

On 7th of July 2010 the exam committee of the International Baccalaureate announced the official candidate results for the IB Diploma – Class 2010. This year Zlatarski students mark a school’s record in successful grades. The average mark by Zlatarski students is 33 points, compared to the world’s average – 29 points. The highest result in 2010 is 41 points (max 45). The distinctive percentage of IB graduates with diplomas with above 30 points, 77%, where 27% of the students, fulfilled the requirements of some of the world’s most prestigious universities, achieving above 36 points! Zlatarski students mark the highest results in the International Baccalaureate in Bulgaria and the highest results achieved by Bulgarian students anywhere in the world so far!

Excellent results: With their high results Class of 2010 were accepted in the following universities: Oxford University, Warwick University, Kings College London, City University: CASS Business School London, Durham University, Imperial College London, Queen Mary University, University of York, Exeter University, Essex University, Sussex University, University of Manchester, University of Bath, University of Westminster, Royal Holloway London, University of Kent, University of the Arts, Portsmouth University etc. See some graduates this year

International Baccalaureate Diploma Statistics
Highest result in the IB diploma 2010 41 points
Average result of Class 2010 33 points
Average result around the world 2010: 29 points
Average subject result of Class 2010 5.06
Average subject result around the world 2010: 4.66
% of students with result 36 – 45 points
27,2 %
% of students with result 30 – 35 points 50,1 %
% of students with result 24 – 29 points 22,7 %


What are the requirements by universities: Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Harvard and Stanford require a score between 38-40 points in the IB diploma. The universities: Warwick, University College London, King’s College, City University, Durham, commonly set a condition of 36 points. Depending on the subject of the degree, a result of 30-35 points is required by the universities of: Essex, Sussex, Exeter, Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham, Kent, Brunel, Queen Mary and Westminster. Only 5% of the students around the world graduate with a diploma with a score above 40 points.

Results by subjects: The cheers this year are deserved by the appreciable progress. We are proud with the excellent results in Bulgarian, English, History, Physics, Mathematics higher and standard level, German, Spanish, as well as the A grades in the Extended Essays and the TOK Essays. The average result by subjects for Class 2010 in Zlatarski International School is 5.06, compared to the world’s result – 4.66. The convincing results mark the international level of education at Zlatarski with higher results than the average of the world.


IB exams: subjects in 2010

Top score (Zlatarski) Average score (Zlatarski) Average score (world)
Bulgarian 7 6.50 6.43
6 5.82 5.62
History 6 4.84 4.72
Economics 6 4.92 5.06
Biology 6 4.01 4.18
Physics 6 4.38 4.07
Mathematics (higher level)
7 7.00 4.37
Mathematics (standard level)
6 4.71 4.48
German 7 6.40 5.00
7 5.17 4.91
Extended Essay
TOK Essay










Top IB students of Class 2010 This year’s record in Zlatarski School of the prestigious 41 points in the IB diploma is held by Georgi Angelov, followed by the weighty 40 points, held by Kristian Ivanov, 40 points – Nora Karageorgieva, 38 points – Yana Petrova, 37 points – Stoyan Zlatkov, 36 points – Yoana Chepisheva, 35 points – Maria Stoichevska, 34 points – Christofer Kondov, 32 – Janeta Anesteva and 31 – Delyan Tolev. Congratulations! See their profiles here

International Baccalaureate Diploma  

Top 10 students 2010

Georgi Angelov
41 points
Kristian Ivanov
40 points
Nora Karageorgieva
40 points
Yana Petrova
38 points
Stoyan Zlatkov
37 points
Yoana Chepisheva
36 points
Maria Stoichevska
35 points
Christofer Kondov
34 points
Janeta Anesteva
33 points
Delyan Tolev
31 points