National Matura Exams – 17 and 19 May 2011

Dear graduates! The matura exam in Bulgarian language and literature will take place at Zlatarski School on 17 May 2011 (Tuesday) at 8.00 am. All graduates should be at the school at 7.15 am.

The second matura exam will take place on 19 May 2011. it takes place across different schools in Sofia, and that is why students should check how to get to their designated school. The lists allocating students for the matura in English can be found on  the information boards in building D1 at Zlatarski School. Every student will receive a pass for sitting the matura exams, in which they can find the school and the room, where the second matura will be taking place.
Students enter the examination rooms with an identity document – identity card, passport or a driving license, together with the pass to the matura exams.
At matura exams you are expected to write with a black pen!
We wish you success and we also believe that you will perform well in these exams!