10 mobile apps that can be useful in your preparation for IGCSE and IB exams at Zlatarski International School

Over the next few months, students at Zlatarski International School of Sofia, besides their internal assessment, will be facing very important exam sessions – those for IGCSE and International Baccalaureate. The larger number of exams and volume of material that is covered at the school provide an outstanding opportunity for students to be more prepared and more successful at university and in life than their peers from other schools.

In addition to the traditional methods of learning and revision, more of our students use mobile applications that help them to prepare for exams. Here are some tips:

“You can try mobile applications that can help you with the organization of the learning process such as Class Timetable, My Class Schedule or Wunderlist”

“iFormulas is useful for math formulas”

“StudyBlue and GoConqr will help with the systematization of information in notes and graphics”

“Revision App can be used specifically when studying for IGCSE exams”

“For every subject in the IGCSE and IB, you can find an application that will help in your learning”

“Another useful application may be Exam Countdown, which counts down the days until each exam”

“Unstuck helps with motivation”

“Sleep Cycle helps regulate your sleep and wakes you when your most rested”

Make the most of the opportunities that mobile applications provide. This, of course, does not replace traditional methods of preparation. Writing texts by hand is absolutely irreplaceable! Exams are handwritten and if once knowledge has already passed through the memory of your hand, at the actual exams it will be definitely easier to remember what you wrote. Good luck!

Give it your everything!