23–27 January 2013 Zlatarski hosts international visit

Cyprus 2In 2011 Zlatarski International School successfully applied for the EU’s international Comenius Project Integrationand Equality in the Field of Education by Means of Physical Activity, Games and Sports. The project aims at presenting how sports can help the integration of disabled people. By January 2013, twelve Zlatarski International School students form grades 9 to 11, and ten teachers took part in exchange visits with other project-participants in Riga (Latvia), Rena (Norway), and Nicosia (Cyprus).

From January 23 to January 27 Zlatarski International School will host the next exchange visit. Representatives from 6 European Countries – Spain, Portugal, Norway, Latvia, Cyprus, and Bulgaria – will meet in the School.

The participants will presents specially adapted games in Sports classes, will make martenitsi in the Art Workshop, and will meet actors from the pantomime theatre “Mimeart”, who represent people with hearing disabilities.

The visit will end up with sight-seeing tours in Plovdiv and Sofia.

Sixteen Zlatarski International School students and their families are hosting the visiting foreign students.