22.03.2011 Zlatarski student ranks first in the National Polylingual Competition

On 27 February 2011 the National Round of the National Polylingual Competition took place. Miroslav Miroslavov Dimitrov, a student at Zlatarski, won first place in the English – German competition. Congratulations, this is a national achievement.

Congratulations also go to Mihaela Leandar Litova (11 grade), Rumyana Nikolova Romanova (11 grade), Borislav Borislavov Tomirkov (11 grade), Dimitar Evelinov Kaloyanov (10 grade). These students performed among in the country in the English – German competition.

This success shows that students at Zlatarski are not only proficient in the English language, but they are also proficient in their second language, making them truly multilingual students. Congratulations to their teachers and we wish our students every success in the future.